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Epic striketower 24/02


Hello, Is it already known which Dino('s) we have to beat tomorrow in the epic striktower?
Thanks in advance!


This won’t help too much as I don’t remember exactly but it’s just a few level 21s new ones I think like the zebra one with Instant rampage and the Edmonto hybrid. It’s not something you will need to worry about planning.


I don’t know for sure, but I am thinking it will be the dinos that have been in earlier fight or flight strikes. Maiasaura, Scaphognathus, Pachy, Dracorexg2, edmonto and those are the ones I remember. What to use?: Well, I would use ornitho in this strike event due to the fact that it is relatively fast and it is immune and as well as the fact that it has a chance to dodge when using evasive strike. You could also use procerathomimus as well but I just wanna talk about if your a low level player, you may also wanna include shield breakers like allosaurus due to the fact that pachy can use shields, so what I usually use are deino due to it fast and can increase speed by 10%, para due to it’s supeority strike, ornitho for immunity and swiftness and maybe even have velo if you want.

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Just be careful using glass cannons if a Draco is around

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Bring in your immune dinos if possible, my ankylocodon (lvl26) took care of the first 2 dinos mostly for each step, n left the last one for clean up.