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Epic Sunday ? Trial lockdown

Anyone seen one ?? None that I can see. Is it out their ??

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Cant see it too

For the umpteenth week in a row I can’t see one.

I’ve given up hope of finding any epic strikes on Sundays now

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(No Seriously, this is the 1000000000000000000000000th Time this has happened…)

absolutely nothing. just the small beginner towers

All I see is the common strike tower

This is one of the reasons why I haven’t downloaded the update anymore😂

Same. I see no epic tower.

I don’t see any on my map either. This has also been happening to me week after week. :pensive:

Anger and Disappointment

See one in distance, will try to find one more easily accessible.


Guess I’m the luckier ones as I found one on the edge of my map

Not that I’m planning to go all the way over there because the game has made the strike tower distributions so unbalanced though

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Seen one but it was in the completely opposite direction to me on the way home.

Managed to find one but had to do a wee bit of legwork to get it!

I have one in my circle

I haven’t seen any epic towers this entire week…

Drove around for a solid hour looking for the epic strike tower. Found nothing. Ludia I really hope you fix this problem!

drove around 20 miles and not a single one. Cmon Ludia