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Epic Sunday

I think that we need to be allowed to donate epic dna on Sundays, given that the weekly events allow for more epics on Sunday. It will help new players progress and older players get stronger. The donating or epics will award much more coins, but you are able to donate less. For people like me who have up to 2000 extra dna of dinos I don’t use someone else who needs it should be able to have it


This has been requested so many times, it just needs to be in the game at this point. Everyone likes this idea, as far as I’ve seen, and it would allow older players and newer ones exactly what they need: Coins and Epic dna, because as a new player, you already get less, so by having this in the game, it would be pure profit for both sets of players. I have 4k Bary dna that I don’t use, so if I could give it to the guy that is trying to get tryostronix, it would be great. Also welcome to the forums!

Thanks man, spread the word

The problem is that it has been requested alot. Many people love this idea, but the problem is that it’s not being implemented. It could be, but I think Ludia is too worried about it copying Clash Royale, so if they did Saturdays instead, it might be just enough to not be a copy.