Epic super-hybrids

I think we need more epic super-hybrids, as strong as uniques, but made with new exclusive dna, and maybe, just maybe buff escapotator as strong as the other epic S-H
It just need an on scape ability, like on scape heal
And nerf procerathomimus HP to 3250 or 3300

I think epics hybrids deserve a better treatment

(PD: revive monomimus xD)

I’m all aboard for changing up Scaphotator. It’s nowhere near as good as the other two Epic super hybrids. And they nerfed it in the last patch for some odd reason


Scaph needs a buff. It’s pretty lousy. However, they should also work on the other epic hybrids like nodopato and dimodactylus


~3480 HP (formerly 3600)
~1250 attack (formerly 1200, then nerfed to 1100)
~128 speed (formerly 127)

•Ferocious Shattering Strike (33% buff for 2 turns, no cooldown)
•Distracting Impact
•Nullifying Impact
•Cleansing Swoop

•Swap-in Wound
•On Escape Regeneration

How about this? The only ability that didn’t get inherited is Pinning, but since it has OER, that’s almost as good as pinning the opponent anyway.


Love it. Seems to have actual damage output. I’m all for it

Please no more persistent ferocious strike-type moves. But other than that, a cool idea.

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I know we all have Mammoth-and-hybrids PTSD, but look at the stats. It’s only a 33% buff. This does less damage than the Mammoth even.

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Well my opinion is just the opposite. We need new uniques as powerful or more than current uniques. Uniques without an exclusive component that allow us to enjoy hunting again.

We don’t need super-hybrid epics like the bloody Yoshi that break the game at all nor, although perhaps this is more debatable, legendary beasts like Indo2 that are better than most uniques. Yoshi has broken the game as dracoceratops did at the time and they are responsible for the fact that many people have abandoned the game and that many others are playing less and less.

If what you are saying is that we need more yoshis and more goats simply, NO.