Epic T rex tower screwed me out of my Draw


It got winning kill. But my DoT got the rex. We all know that in regular play that counts as a draw, but here is counted as a defeat! What a crock. I feel so screwed over, I should get another chance at the damn battle!

I’m really starting to hate this game now.


This same post was up with the Indoraptor.
The consensus was that it does say if you WIN then you get rewards and unfortunately you didn’t win.
I’d be annoyed too and it would be fairer to at least get a free redo but thems the breaks.
Generally your not going to get a lot of sympathy on here just FYI.


I feel your pain. Unfortunately, as @Aaron_Norris well said, you need a Victory to have the reward.
This is how the game currently work. But I think it is good for Ludia to know our suggestions for the draw related to strike event.

@Aaron_Norris there are also kind people here (don’t know if they are fewer than the evil ones, but I prefer to avoid conversations with those) and also situation where people lose their mind, I mean, talking by myself, I keep telling everybody not to discourage and get angry when encountering some arena losses in a row, I experience the same and just keep focused to upgrade my team… but now I don’t want to invest coins and dna to upgrade any of my dino until the new release will be online so that I can see where to better invest… lost 15 in a row and this pissed me off :sweat_smile:
:notes: 'cause I’m only human, after all :notes: