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Epic tournament guide

I’m bored, and with the epic skill tournament coming up, I thought I could do a bit of a ranking on the best 10 creatures in this tournament, why, and how to beat them.

1. Indominus Rex gen 2
Indom gen 2 is the strongest epic in the game, and there is no surprise that it rules this tournament. With access to Mutual fury and cloak, this thing packs a punch to anything and everything. Thanks to these two moves, it has a total of 0 100% counters. Even the two new kids on the block lose to Indom. Not only can this thing 1v1, but if it has Mutual Fury active, then you better have something over 119 speed to finish the job, or else 2400 hp is going to vanish.
Your best strategies: Procerathomimus. Procerath vs Indom is a guessing game, but if procerath guesses right, Indom falls. The next best creatures are erlikogamma or gorgosuchus who both have a 25% chance of winning via hitting through cloak. Another way is to use a creature like purrataurus, reduce the hp, and use stegoceratops.

2. Procerathomimus
Procerath is a very strong epic that has very good matchups all around. With the nerf of brontolasmus, procerath saw a (temporary) indirect buff. The 131 speed makes it tied with Blue for the fastest creature in the tournament. High damage and 2 damage-reducing priority moves make it a pain to deal with, along with immunity.
Your best strategies: Carbonemys and megalogia are pretty good creatures to help deal with procerath. Brontolasmus can still wear it down, but procerath loved the nerf it just received. However, that was short-lived with the introduction of Majungaboa, who beats it 399 times out of 400, and entelochops, who also does very well against it (but can still fall if a procerath player is clever). As with Indom, you can always wear it down to the point where it is within stegocera range. Thanks to the buff to amargoceph, it too can take a sizable chunk from this speed demon.

3. Sarcorixis
Sarcorixis is a solid solid epic. This superhybrid packs one of the best turn 1 damage in this tournament. Due to its cyclic moveset, sarco is a tough creature to take on. It can boost its attack, pierce armor, and stun. Also, at 118 speed, it lies in the middle of the pack. It also received an indirect buff thanks to the nerf of one of its counters, brontolasmus.
Your best strategies: The #1 and #2 creatures on this list do very well against sarco, although it takes a lot out of them. Another creature that can one-shot it is gorgosuchus, but only when set up. Postimetrodon, entelochops, and, sadly now, brontolasmus fall to sarco, but still pretty much reduce it to nothing.

4. Entelochops
Entelochops is the new kid on the block, but he did bring his A game. With access to some of the best moves in the game in the form of mutual fury and the new revenge shattering rampage, this thing can deal massive damage. Off a revenge, entelochops can deal a solid 4400 damage (if there is no armor involved). It is also immune to stuns, so stegocera doesn’t do AS well here. This thing is probably second to gorgosuchus when it comes to the revenge kills, and with it’s bulk, speed, and multipliers, it should be here to stay.
Your best strategy: Indom and sarco do well against entelochops. Indom has 4500 hp, but can use cloak to finish the job. Sarco takes more of a hit, but its turn 1 damage helps bring it down. Thylacotator is another good option. Many creatures like brontolasmus can whittle it down, and stegocera can finish the job.

5. Stegoceratops
The fifth place medal was hard to choose, but I would say stegocera deserves it. This classic hybrid has one thing that the 4 creatures above it don’t: a (good) swap-in move. Swap-in stunning strike isn’t good, but it’s probably the best swap-in on a creature currently. Stegocera can be a huge pain in the butt because of dig in and stunning strike. It can regenerate turn one and swap back into a low hp creature, or it can wait a turn, stun, and get the free swap in. Even creatures like sarcorixis don’t like dealing with it, because stegoceratops can whittle it down for something like gorgosuchus or postimetrodon to come in on and set up. It also removes over a quarter of procerathomimus’s hp in a single swap-in, and dig in can block the rampage
Your best strategy: Indom gen 2 can punish it when it is out on the field. With mutual fury and cloak, it will make the stegoceratops player choose between stegoceratops or another creature. The two no escape creatures also do well, but they still take a massive beating without the ability to regenerate hp. Postimetrodon and the new entelochops are also good for stegoceratops as they cannot be stunned.

6. Purutaurus
This guy falls at #6 on the list due to it’s durability thanks to long protection and instant distraction. These don’t sound good on their own, but due its greater rending counter, it becomes a much bigger threat. If he wants to deal even more damage, he has precise rampage to do the trick. And, if you don’t have a swap in, purutaurus can function as one thanks to its counter attack removing 33.4% of an unsuspecting creature’s hp. And to top this all off, purutaurus is a great finisher due to “no escape”.
Your best strategies: Purutaurus can be a pain to work around. Luckily, creatures like procerathomimus and entelochops can do just that. Postimetrodon will always crush purutaurus. Be careful though, as a purutaurus’s main strategy is set up long protection and wedge itself in there

7. Postimetrodon
Postimetrodon is that epic that kinda goes under the radar of many players when making a team. This thing does damage. With it’s decently high speed, good bulk, and immunity, postimetrodon can be a pain to fight. Add to the fact that it can regenerate makes this thing a good epic. Unlike it’s land-croc hybrid counterpart, it has access to all of its moves turn 1, so it can choose between the armor piercing and shield breaking, or it can choose to buff it’s attack for a ferocious impact. Sure 1200 attack doesn’t sound like much at first, but when the damage keeps stacking, 1200 turns into a lot more
Your best strategies: Procerath is a great option to take this down. It is faster and can nullify a postimetrodon’s ferocious buff if set up. Indom gen 2 has access to cloak, which postimetrodon has to hit through twice to get the knockout. While it may not like the aftermath, sarcorixis wins, but just by the keratin of its horn.

8. Brontolasmus
Brontolasmus has fallen. A lot. Due to the definite rampage nerf, many of the rhinos that received definite impact, except for brontolasmus, which cost manny of its matchups. However, that doesn’t mean bronto is a pushover. It is incredibly bulky with 4500 hp and 30% armor. That’s the same as tryko and dio. It may have lost one rampage, but it still has a turn 1 rampage that also slows. It can also break shields turn 1 thanks to rending attack. Brontolasmus does well against faster creatures that aren’t as bulky, while also handling the slower tanky creatures.
Your best strategies: Use chompers. Sarco and postimetrodon now win this matchup thanks to the nerf, and indom gen 2 and purutaurus always beat brontolasmus, but now they like the definite rampage nerf. Bronto may have fallen, but it can still deal a beating.

9. Erlikogamma
The jumping floof takes the #9 spot. Thanks to it’s 2 rampages, one of them being precise pounce, it can deal tons of damage. Sadly, gamma suffers due to its low hp, but makes up for it with debilitating distraction and pounce, which can reduce a creatures damage to 0. It’s second rampage is rampage and run, which has great team synergy, especially with #5 creature in this tournament, stegoceratops. This combo does 3500 damage, with the opponent not being able to react due to the stun. Gamma also works well against the crocs due to it’s immune to swap prevention. The last thing that makes gamma good is its high speed, with it being second to procerathomimus.
Your best strategies: Gamma is immune to swap prevention, but NOT deceleration. This makes creatures like brontolasmus and stegoceratops good creatures to use. It is also not the most durable of creatures, so it can be taken down quickly. Stegoceratops can take out over a third of its hp in a swap, so it’s not hard to kill, but it can swap out, which is what you don’t want to happen.

10. Gorgosuchus
The mammo slayer rounds out the top 10. It may not have the greatest 1v1 matchups in this tournament, but an experienced player knows that’s not what you use gorgosuchus for. Gorgosuchus is the best revenge killer in the game, because when it sets up, it can kill so many creatures in 1 hit. Erlikogamma, postimetrodon, entelochops, and sarcorixis. This makes gorgosuchus a creature to consider using and to take seriously. And even when it isn’t set up, it still does so much damage that it isn’t going to be a walk in the park.
Your best strategies: In a 1v1, many creatures take down gorgosuchus. These range from sarcorixis, to procerath, to postimetrodon. However, that’s not what many players will do with gorgosuchus. They will want to set up, so that now limits the amount of creatures you can use. Brontolasmus can still take down gorgo whether it’s set up or not. Indom can always use cloak against gorgo. Procerath can also fight a set up gorgo as well.

Other honorable mentions include: Megalogia, Brontolasmus, Gorgosuchus, Postimetrodon, Purrataurus, Thylacotator, and Carbonemys.

While the epics will probably dominate this tournament, there are other good rares like suchotator, postosuchus, meiolania, purrolyth, and ornithomimus to choose from.

I hope this list helps you all


Good list. I’ll be running the same old reliable IndomG2, Procerath and Rixis core, alongside Megalogaia, Purrutaur, and Stegoceratops. I’ll keep Brontolasmus around for lack of a better damage sponge and see how it fairs with the impact change, and I’ll def be giving Chops a try and seeing how she does.

I am probably running bronto too. Definitely fell out of the top 5 with the nerf though. Chops is really good. If it had better damage, this thing would wreck house. I put it at #4, but it I would say it caould be #2, #3, or #4. I just need to test it out more. Indom has #1 on lockdown for sure

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ADDITION: I forgot Marsupial Lion under the “good rares to choose from” This rare is a very strong nonhybrid and destroys tanks like armargoceph and nodopato. Notably, it has a winning matchup against entelochops as entelochops can only deal a max of 4400 damage in 2 turns without a 5% crit.

I’m thinking I’ll run this

Procerat (the only time I use it)

Do not run nodopato. Nodopato is garbage. Run amargo or bronto.

Use Lasmus.

i’m going to try out majundaboa for a bit. it may be bad, but as a procerath counter i want to see how she does in practice. as well as get a feel for how she will play in my main team when i get her to level.

It does beat procerath 399/400 times. Here’s the problem with majungaboa and the reason why it’s an epic I would avoid: it’s a one-trick pony for the most part. It beats procerath, and then what? It loses to pretty much everything out there from bronto to sarco to indom. If procerath is set up, it also loses. It just doesn’t do well. It is a nice finisher though due to on escape dust cloud. Considering it is the sister epic hybrid to sarco, I feel that majungaboa needs a buff to put it on par with sarco

honestly a simple precise rampage would be enough of a buff for me. it would beat indo g2 a bit more reliably. it wont be 100% but it would be enough o play mind games.

Same here. It’s counter attack is a top 5 counter attack, but the stats hold it back.

Another problem with majungaboa vs procerath is, when boa wins, it has 500 hp at most left. That allows creatures like sarco, purutaurus, brontolasmus, gorgosuchus, and postimetrodon to get an easy setup.

The ultimate Majundaboa build:

~3600 HP
~1000 attack
~110 speed
~10% critical chance

•Shielded Decelerating Strike
•Ferocious Strike
Precise Rampage
•Cleansing Impact

•Raking Counter
•On Escape Dust Cloud
Swap-in Invincibility
•Immunity to Distraction

Imo, Swap-in Invincibility would make it waay more useful. It would be able to swap into an Indoraptor G2 turn 1 and still win, swap into a Procerathomimus Distracting Rampage and win, swap into a Mutual Fury Indominus rex G2 APR and do a ton of damage (it’ll be faster when MF wears off, allowing it to set up with Ferocious Strike. An Indominus rex G2 that has used MF will likely have taken some damage, so Majundaboa could very well come out on top), all without changing its pitiful stats at all.

And since it has On Escape Dust Cloud, the opponent is discouraged from swapping out of the unfavourable matchup, or swapping to, say Dracoceratops once MJ’s health is low.

It could still do with a stat buff though.

I can tell majungaboa won’t do to well in the arena. It’s that creature that needs that extra push. Compared to its sister epic superhybrid, sarcorixis, it’s a mess of a moveset. With sarco, you have ferocious impact, stun, strike, immobilize, impact, stun, strike immobilize… like utahsino. Majungaboa doesn’t have that