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Having played a (large) number of matches in the tournament this weekend, I have come to a few conclusions about how this game frustrates me.

#1: Speed Ties
I’m from Australia. Basically, I can’t win a speed tie. I would say ~80% of my losses in the tournament came down to an unfavourable speed tie (I think I could cope with 40% or so). For reference, I think I won somewhere ~3% of any speed tie I was in. This has been mentioned before but basically the current speed tie system is just bad and arbitrary.

#2: Epic Meta (Tyrant Dinos)
Is clearly broken and needs some shifts. Basically, there are two problem dinos. Indominus II and Procerat. Even without boosts these two dinos are just too dominant in this field. Both dinos can be defeated, but there were too many matches which came down to whether these dinos were present and how defeating them happened.

#3: Epic Meta (Beta Dinos)
I don’t think there is a well-rounded upper meta in this division. There are a few solid dinos including:
Megalogaia, Entelochops, Purutaurus, Sarcorixis etc which do pretty well in a variety of matchups. However, because of dinos like Indominus II and particularly Procerat there isn’t a sense of a well-rounded team, rather everything becomes rather derivative of dealing with Procerat & Indominus. In other tournaments I have had the freedom to mix and match a bit and come up with a non-generic team. Here it seemed like 2 alphas, a few betas and some dinos I kind hope I didn’t draw…

#4: Majundaboa
Nope. Doesn’t do what it is ostensibly meant to do. It will counter Procerat (only to die with 300 hp and 110 speed). Procerat can win lots of matchup only to mess around with the new dino. If Majundaboa is meant to be a Procerat counter it needs to do that job far more effectively than it does OR be a much more well-rounded dino.


I think Entelochops is a solid, interesting dino, whose matchups aren’t 100% clear-cut.


I’m only level 14 and I’m doing pretty good. Next tourney is the hard one. A counter for proceratomimus is brontolasmus and one for indom g2 is proceratomimus.

Procerathomimus isn’t a reliable counter, the second turn is a guessing game.
NS = Cloak Pro Wins
DR = Cloak Indom G2 wins (Mostly)
NS = APR Indom G2 wins
DR = APR Pro wins

true, but its the closets thing to one. I would consider it a rival.

Star Wars Villains — Star Wars: The Clone Wars - S05E16 “You have...

Proceratomimus:: You have become a rival!
Indominus Gen 2: Have Mercy. Please.
Proceratomimus: There is no mercy.

Indom gen 2 isn’t worse than yoshi

I know. I was just thinking of star wars. That’s all.

I started with Majundaboa on my team with high hopes, but my (seriously this word isn’t allowed?) it’s such a disappointment. In this tournament it’s literally only good for countering Procerathomimus, and even that failed hard as soon as people started using Proceratho either as opener or as ‘revenge’ when they’d have DR up for the next dino. For the ‘meta’ dinos it loses to Sarcorixis, Purutaurus, Indominus 2, Thylacotator, Postimetrodon ánd Megalogaia, which puts him squarely at “barely usable” material. :confused:

i haven’t had any problems using majundaboa at all. she’s finished plenty of proceraths, be i fresh out of the gate or as a surprise swap in. she could do with a bit of a buff tho.

Yeah, Majundaboa for me was a flop, didn’t do anything besides die

Actually, Indom can beat procerath. That’s why it’s the best in the tournament. No epic can counter it effectively

Yeah, most ‘counters’ to IndomII and Procerat are just guessing games… which is fine. What drove me nuts is that because I lost 97% of speed ties, and lots of games came down to Procerat it was basically an autolose.

I setup a Procerat… They put in Procerat (clearly no choice). I lose.
They have a Procerat in with > 1600. I have Procerat left on my team. I lose.

Start IndomII. They start IndomII. Yep, lose those ones too.

The rest of the RNG I can cope with. Unlucky crits are unlucky. Speed ties is more like having one leg in a running race. I was lucky to get as high as I did given that I had to cope with drawing bad dinos and just losing all speed ties.

Basically it is another immune meta…

This is the kind of situation I was hoping to meet in the tournament, and it happened:

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'You cannot defeat your all-powerful father"

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I’ve been finding that brontolasmus can counter it really well. The creature that wins just depends on the last move you make with it.

Underpowered dinos are also a bad thing in epic tourneys. Why Amargo, Nodopato, Spinotah and Dimodacto have to be so weak while Procerat and Indom G2 are capable of defeating uniques?

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