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Epic Tournament!

Just a thread to show off your teams and cups. Tell stories of the craziest battles and the most annoying loses. If you need team help feel free to ask.

Here is my team I guess

Indom Gen 2 : Undoubtedly the best fierce creature. Great at killing things faster than it because of mutual fury, and can deal big damage with cloak. It can also remove cloak and dodge using its basic attack! With its plethora of immunities it is a staple of many teams.

Velosrhacos : Now that Yoshi’s been nerfed to the floor, this just as cursed as grylenken terror birb takes its place! With two rampage moves, one of which distracts, cautious strike and deliberate prowl, Velosrhacos inhales fierce creatures. Cautious strike is a good counter to those pesky Indom Gen 2s,.

Thylacolator : Being able to two-shot any non immune creature with maiming wound and Rending Takedown, Thyla finds itself in every good team. It can maintain speed control with Superiorty Strike and cleanse any debuffs using Deliberate Prowl!

Wooly Rhino : The absolute king of swap in damage, this non-hybrid has the highest damage output of any creature with swap in stunning strike. This is a beast against anything not immune and is a great way to take your opponent by surprise!

Entelochops : This creature takes its spot in any team as a revenge killer. With double revenge moves and a way to cleanse, buff, and speed up itself, the entelochops makes short work of many resilient and cunning creatures alike. It’s immunities allow it to take on some of the biggest threats around as well!

Sarcorixis : Tied with Entelochops for the best revenge killer, ferocious strike allows it to dish big damage, while its armor and health pool allow it to tank just as much. It’s double stunning moves,one of which is 100%, allow it to stall out turns to gain back its big hit, or to let a combo effect complete.

Purtasaurus : One of the best creatures with instant distract, this evil carnoraptor looking thingy can easily kill the toughest creatures. It’s basic attack allows it to cleanse all debuffs, and Fierce Impact increases its damage output even more!

Alanqa : A bit of a odd one, this non hybrid is perfect for tanking big hits from creatures like sonorasaurus, wooly rhino, and sarcorixis. With its long invincibility, it can take hits while striking back hard with its rampage.

Maiasaurus is good as well with its instant rampage. I use it in the team.