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Epic tower 05.10 gameplay

Nodosaurus starts - Nodopato - Apato

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Heres my try , didnt think a lot about it. Went pretty well

Team , no boosted dinos, no uniques:

Suchotator 22
Dimodactylus 17
Dracoceratop 20
Purrutaurus 18


Swept it with my level 19 Purataurus.


Funny, i dont see any gameplay in the OP.

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Also unlocked this with the Spino G2 DNA from it


ohh I don’t have the phone to do that kind of stuff :smiley: just created a thread where people can post and share

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Playing with my Marsupial Lion forced me a 200hc retry. Other than that pretty easy.

Got 220 Smilodon happy with that.

Very OP of apatosaurus. So one sided

I´ve never received Legendary dna from epic incubator

I made it with Thoradolosaur (21, 2/2/2), Tyrannolophosaur (20, 2/2/2) and Tenontorex (21, 1/2/1). Keep in mind that Apatosaurus will use Pinning Strike.

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I beat it with my son’s account, none are boosted, btw

Purrutaurus and a bleeder is enough

I am having a rough time with the epic tower today. My game keeps disconnecting in the middle of the battle. This is the second time this has happened. :disappointed_relieved:

I have the worst luck with towers and of course don’t have dracoceratops yet :frowning: hopefully my team can still get the job done lol

I got a message that said time out because I was inactive and got a fail. I tried getting back in but I kept getting error messages. :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe contact support? That’s really weird as it gives you like 200 something seconds to pick a move

I would like to contact support, but I don’t think I would be able to reach them in time. I think I am out of luck.

You should still be able to :slight_smile: give it shot doesn’t hurt to try

Did it with Purrutaurus lvl 20, Tryo lvl 24 and Dioraja lvl 23 for cleanup. Didn’t need Suchotator lvl 21.

That’s true. Is there a better way than e-mail or is that the best one?