Epic Tower 1/3: cunning salamanders

round one
rare diplo (30) came first:

  1. distracting impact
  2. nullifying Strike
  3. nullifying Strike

round two
Epic koola (30) comes next:

  1. slowing impact
  2. nullifying Strike

My team: tryostronix, spinotasuchus, indoraptor



That Rexy, azzz @Hersh you keep all the good stuff. When my turn. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


If that 3 Ouranosaurus DNA is not being mean, I don’t know what is!


Nice job winning! All the Koolasuchus’s attacks were crits when I faught it so I lost :confused: might retry later on…

I will bleed them all. Shucotator, dimorphodon, dimodactyl, and stegod. Hope can make it.

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Does anyone else think this quote from Metahub is ill-advised? I mean taking Indom Rex up against two LVL 30 creatures with a basic nullifying strike seems pretty dumb and it is permanently slower and without it’s cloak being useful.
“Stuff with immunity that’s faster than 125 speed or can take a hit (Indominus Rex perhaps).”

My buffed tryox got nullified …
I wouldn’t go the cloak route at all*

Both of them actually used nullify at some point in time for me.

*if you have a high leveled indom and plan on using its regular attacks, that may work … but a level 20 indom (that most people have) just wont do enough damage

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Congratulations! Just for all the Rexies you got. :grin:

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I’m wondering if they meant to say Indoraptor instead of Indomonis?

I plan on going with Spinotasuchus 20 Suchotator 25 Stegudeus 24 and Monolometroden 25. That’s the best I got but I think it should work. That is when I get off work and can try it out.

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oh dude, you’ll be just fine with that team!
Monolometrodon is totally underrated


I agree that Monolometrodon is underrated. It’s rare I come up against one but mine surprises a lot of people. And many forget it has RPE and try to use Cloak/Evasive on it.


I found distracting raptors to be the best shout Utahsino and Pyrritator.

Spino - 17
Utahsino - 16
Pyrritator- 17
Indo - 23

No Indo did not do all the work, was just for the cleanup

I completed it with tryo and utarinex. Rewards were very underwhelming (secondo and darwin).

I used

Spinotharaptor Lvl 15
Stegodeus Lvl 19
Dimorphodon Lvl 13
Suchotator Lvl 17

Very easy fight for me.

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Bleeding works great

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It was a challenge just got mine to a 26 and he is a permanent member :grin: he’s nice to use in most strike events, barely have to look at the game and the one horned guy does it all!

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I actually just beat it only losing one guy. And my team is nothing special. Level 19 suchotator killed the rare one on it’s own and still had 20 hp left. When the Kool showed up I swapped to a level 16 dimodactylus which was killed in one shot, but eventually took half his hp. Then I put in a level 15 spinotahraptor and bled it some more. Was going to put in Trago to let it bleed out, but never had to because he survived a shot and then was first to act.

Unfortunately, I got absolute garbage DNA. Not a single usable piece. Most of it I wouldnt even bother darting if I saw it in the wild. KOOL EPIC. Majundasaurus common. Concavetor epic. Just all garbage.

I’m a level 12 and I just managed to do it with luck. Ahh so jelly of your 300 trex. :blush:

Spinotahraptor lvl 17 and Suchotator lvl 20
Started with Spinotah, distracting rampage. That will give you an extra “free” turn. After that bleed and strike.
Left the arena at the same time.
Sucho bleed + distracting and last strike