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Epic Tower 1/3 [Gameplay]: Speedy Duo


Enjoy! :popcorn: :t_rex:

Feel free to share yours too!


Man, that background score is very addictive. It’s kind of playing in my head all day long. Which music is that?


I complete with mine if I may


Haha thanks @Sammie
It’s one they offer license-free and has become my go-to background music for YT vids :joy:
Here’s a link for your listening pleasure:


Try this music(if possible) in your next videos.
This is one of the best musics I heard in recent times.

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if we are allowed to make suggestions, then here’s a fine companion piece for a future video:

if there’s anyone who can eliminate a stroke tower in 2:14, its ya boy @Hersh

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Haha that’s got a great rhythm to it @Sammie! I’ll have to look out for an instrumental version!

:man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile: @Julien_Mayfair … I’ll give it some thought. What’s your input on “Friday” by Rebecca Black ?? I was thinking of using that for the tower later this week :joy::hear_no_evil:

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honestly, its a bop - and while i was hype for it when it dropped, i listened again on a saturday, and it hella doesnt hold up.

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@Hersh Are u kidding me eh? Darwin and Erli?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


@Pinkbubbles72 look here


But why did you guys get different prizes?


Hi @Pinkbubbles72
Depending on your level, you’ll get
X amount of commons, rares and epics.

But the specific ones you get are somewhat random so Everyone will end up getting different dinos …

There are occasional themed events tho, and for these you’ll get dinos that fit that theme.


Oh ok I think I can do it imma go right now I’ll be right back and I’ll let you know what happens I failed the first try but imma win this this time!!! Lol


What team will you use ? Maybe I can help


Um look what I have you tell me ok

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How’s that I changed my team


This is just me, but I would:

Lead with ankylocodon:

  1. short defense, it may or may not go through ornithos evasive
  2. decel impact, ornitho will hit and run, but this will slow down the raptor
  3. armor piercing impact

Anky May die after the raptors hit here

Bring in stegod:

  1. use defense, this should finish off the raptor
  2. thagomiZer on ornitho as it gets swapped in
  3. rampage against ornitho after its evasive wears off
  4. stegod May have enough health for one last move here …

You can use your own raptor and trago as back up… but I think these first two steps should put things in your favor

If you do use your own raptor… make sure it’s against the AIs slowed raptor or the weakened ornitho


Did u see I changed my team? Lol

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