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Epic Tower 16th April 2019


Velociraptor and Ornithomimus L30s; Ornitho came first

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Egg Stealing Duo - [Gameplay]

One “easy” epic strike, nice, will do the same as last time ^^


Tank it up!! Monostego got some work to do.


My JWA newbie partner did it with:

L20 Einosuchus - strike once and swap to L16 Dracoceratops; L14 Ouranosaurus - immediate swap to L17 Majungasaurus


Yep, Monostego did most of the work; Suchotator mopped up.

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Going with stegodeus then maybe dracocera or velo something like this


Fairly simple Strike when using tanky dinos. Also helps that my Monostegotops was able to crit twice in a row! :smile:


An easy tower for sure, you can bring tank and call it a day (stegodeus and trago time to shine).

But since I don’t like to gamble for ornitho to not dodge, I picked the higher speed road with erlidominus :grin:

Hope you are going to have good dna in it :hugs:


Here is mine. This was easy one. DNA nothing special.


Should a team of, level 16 Monostego, 16 Gigaspikeasaur, 21 Erlidomimus and 18 Dracoceratops work? I could also swap one of them out for, level 20 Stegodeus, 19 Suchotator, 18 Alankylosaurus and 17 Tragodistis or a 21 Indoraptor.


Used tenontorex (mostly for irony) and the wrecking ball. Easy. Got decent rewards too :+1:


This one’s devilish… :imp::imp:


Beautiful swap in :slight_smile:

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Exactly what I did. I used lvl 22 Stegod who wiped out Velo before it got even fight and then Draco finished with a swap-in.

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Bad day all around so far. :joy:

Had to drive around for 20 min just to find a gold tower because im an idiot and forgot they dont spawn till 9am. Then my RNG decides to go on vacation in the Bahamas, lol.

The incubator was the cherry on top :rofl::smile::smiley::sunglasses:


Ludia can kiss my hairy a**.
Lost this godforsaken tower with L22 Alankylo L18 Tragodists L21Stegod and L21 Dracocera because that ugly bird spammed evasive strike and I got TWO hits in: One counterattack from Trago and a hit from Dracocera.
You can stick your money right up where it belongs. Bite me


Or you can use a dino with nullify impact…


Nevermind I beat it with, Monostegotops Level 16, Stegodeus 20, Erlidomimus 21 & Dracoceratops 18.

Was lucky enough to hit Rampage through evasive :smile:


Yeah, you’re probably right, I just needed to vent. When these dodging streaks happen in the arena, it’s pretty annoying. But having to pay for a retry at what should have been a free incubator really set me off. I just needed to get in one rampage, which I didn’t. Well, they’re not gooing to see a cent from me, screw their RNG :slight_smile: