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Epic tower 20-04 - 2nd attempt

Does anyone know the default order on the second attempt? It would be key to know whether Pachy or Eddi starts and what moves they use?

I lost the first attempt, as my Erlidominus unexpectedly one-shotted Procera, which killed my whole battle plan …

Hopefully, this thread is not merged into the existing one, as the tactics on the second attempt might be drastically different from the first one.

Second attempts order is random, I guess.

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If I remember correctly, usually if in the first attempt Dino A started, then in the second attempt either B or C is gonna with something like 33% / 66% probability.

Started with edmonto, then procera and pachy :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried, and Procera started again, but this time with evasion. Also Edmonto uses Regenerate as soon as he can.