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Epic tower 20-04

Someone knowes what the order is of the strike tower ?? Thanks !

You’ll laugh at me miss the DC at the end.

Procerathomimus immediate swap to Edmontoguanodon. Then Pachycephalosarus.

It’s as SIA happy as my approach.


Thanks dave!

lol you picked the wrong draco looking dino.


Oh my god, I’m not gonna make this one. My DC isn’t leveled high enough ;-;

Brown rat, yellow rat so easy to get confused.


A level 24 tryko and 26 dracocera can tear up that event very easily. They swap stun so friggin much tryko aways has neat stuff off cooldown.


im uploading now. you can tell i dont use draco lol.

Here’s my vid,
Tricky but still beat it tho


You know, when they say a team of hadrosaurs, I would assume they would have a team of hadrosaurs… Not one hadrosaur, an Ornithomimid, and Pachy. I expected at least Para, Tenonto, and Edmund…

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i shouldve done strike and run into draco but i didnt expect the swap.

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Beat iT 3 to 1 lol. Only recieved crap tho . O wel 15000 coins :wink:

Used Tryko 22, took out almost all 3. Finished with Thor 23