Epic Tower 3/3: [gameplay]

Used a few middle-low level dinos on this one,
Hope the vid helps:


the vid didnt upload bud.

@Hersh what you got???

Assuming that a couple of tanks with superiority strike are more than enough…


@Kopas_25 : Better than what I got from the last tower :gift:

@Anthony_Papadopoulos … lol, you’ll find a theme in the dinos I picked :sweat_smile:

Well I‘ve been in battle but JWA then decided to kick me right outta it to tell me I would‘ve lost the game. I restarted the app and now I have a chance again but the battles over.
I openes with lvl 19 Stegodeus and Blue came out. Stego left her with some hp and Blue killed Stego with two crits.
I then took out Ankyntro, reduced Blues dmd and killed her with counterattack. Then the raptor with crit impact came out and it‘s been a hit against hit battle until raptor had 5 hp and Ankyntro died.
Then I chose my new Nodotitan and used long shield. Took a hit from raptor and then killed it with counter.

Then the swap out raptor came in and I slowed her down and used shielding. She stood at 50% hp and I wanted to slow her down again to then swap to lvl 16 Monostegotops but then the game decided to just kick me out.

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Like… @Hersh :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Oh come on why is my text hidden again? It‘s not as long as some other messages from me, Jesus…

@Hersh always love your choice of music in these man.

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Lol, it’s in the vid @Kopas_25

And thanks @Sean_Otoole!
Haha, I’m just go with whatever YouTube let’s me, I like this one for theme music the best :sweat_smile:

What! That’s nuts… are you able to see an epic Tower you can play now or is it charging 200 for a retry??

Stegod soloed it :heart_eyes::sweat_smile:

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My stegod is only level 22 and she nearly did the whole thing herself

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Thanks for the video! Had to add Brooke C’s drum covers are great!


I can try again. Otherwise, I would‘ve been really angry.

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Wish me luck guys I‘m gonna try again. ^^

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Yey finally! I recorded the battle because I expected again bad RNG but this time a miracle happened and they didn‘t crit by normal chance.
And my beautiful, new Nodopatotitan finished the second raptor and destroyed the 10lvl higher third raptor all by her own while my lvl 19 Stegodeus and lvl 16 Ankyntro had to work together and got destroyed.
I think she looks awesome during battle! And these tiny raptors are suddenly appearing more like tiny nasty mosquitoes lol.

Oh, I really really like her! Got some Pyroraptor DNA, again not enough to start fusing Pyrritator, but hey…

I got three new legendaries this week and won all three towers. I‘m just sooooo happy right now! :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Damn you Hersh … nice slugfest though :wink:

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Congrats! That’s awesome! :clap:t4:
I don’t reallh see nodapatotitan in the arenas that much… any chance you’ll share the vid here? :slight_smile:

If it would be possible to share it without having a YouTube account I would. ^^

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