Epic Tower 3 of 3

… will be here soon!

I hate the Raptor Squad - last time this one came round I had my backside gift wrapped and mailed to me due to the AI critting nearly every time on the first attempt; second attempt, no crits and completed it.

Tempted to try Diloran and Dilorach with Tragodistis and Velo. Also wondering if Dimodactylus or Dracorex Gen 2 have a role to play …

Here’s the guide from last time - not sure if that was pre-update …


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It’s Christmaaaasssssssss!

View from my desk:


Thanks for posting that, I wonder if it is pre only because no mention of Drac 2 who would come in handy for sure.

Last time I had any problems wirh Raptors of any type was way back in 1.3.

Game has changed a lot since then :sunglasses:

1st attempt was a complete crit fest - failed
2nd attempt - not as bad, but made a rookie error and swapped out a low health creature for a fresh one when I could have actually just let it die (thought I had lost 2 but had only lost 1) - failed
Stupid stupid stupid :rage:

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Is BLUE out first and use pounce or shield?

Both attempts Blue out first; pounce then shield

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Sorry to hear…

L27 stegod solo’d it. Was much easier this time.

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Did it pretty easily this time, my team: suchotator 19 , velo 20, draco gen 2 lvl 15 and stegod 19.

IA started with blue then Charlie and finally delta.

Kill blue with suchotator, Charlie with stegod and delta with the combo sia of draco and pounce of velo.

Some nice dna , velo and pyroraptor just to mention.



Thats new… :roll_eyes:

It’s hard to let these things go hey. I feel your pain.

Great minds.

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Likewise, only needed a lvl 27 Stegodeus to give all 3 raptors… a jolly good whooping! :wink:

I was glad to have stegod for this, but think any distracting or shielding dino would work. It would have to have high health, but think it could be done for sure.


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I know right?

How about strats for more than just “lol my high level Stegodeus didn’t have problems” because not everyone has over level 20 Stegodeus

Post your team if you want help. I’m going Suchotator level shouldn’t matter unless you get crit. Start with lethal not Ss. Then ID And both should die together. I’m then using th high level Stegodeus Ss followed by rampage (you may want to use Thag or shield? If rampage won’t kill it. When Stegodeus dies bring in Velociraptor to pounce and swap in Dracorex Gen 2 to clean up any left overs. But you are going to need some decent Dino’s to pull it off.

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Bleeding is a great option too although their health isn’t that high and not sure how well it would work based on percentage.