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Epic tower bosses this week apr 29



Ok, the Themed tower looks like it’ll be easy enough. The boss strike can just be cheesed way to easily if you have the right bleeders and rending attackers at the right levels. I don’t, unfortunately, so I probably won’t straight up cheese it. Gonna attempt anyways and hope for the best!! :+1::+1::+1:

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yeah Friday one seems tough :smiley: with all those lvl30 counter attack dinos, but we can always bleed them or use stat boost on the counters to prepare a bit.

For me it’ll be the Tryko. Scolosaurus and Rajakylo aren’t anything too special in terms of difficulty. (Please let be known before anyone starts getting on to me that I love Rajakylo, it’s just not terribly hard to beat.)


I guess the game will swap to skolosaurus, and tryko will only use shatering attack’s, so that not so hard in a way.


Yeah, bleed or RTC will take this tower down pretty well, imo.

Looks fun, cant wait to try :wink:

Boosted Thor is looking forward to meeting Tryko.

these strikes arent tough anymore lol. boosted dinos own now.

bring on lord lythronax!!


They will up the difficulty quickly if we keep bragging. I’d say 4 X L30 strike towers will be here in a month

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Didn’t they already do that with the Raptor Squad? Bring it on!!!

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Stoooooop taunting Ludia!

If these people start to bring in boosted dino strikes to combat our own dinos because of the bragging, I’m gonna…

Boosted thor took out the epic by himself lol