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Epic tower bosses this week May

Ooooo Apatosaurus, highest health in the game. Very OP of you Apato.


Will be easy hopefully

Bleed and use those boosted thors, should be easy

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Have no Thor and haven’t boosted anything I’m screwed :joy:

Not anymore. It was stated in the Patch notes that Geminititan has the highest health stat now.

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Easy for Pura

Forgive me if this has been asked before, but how do I calculate the crit into each move? Any ideas of who is most likely to open? Which creatures are the best counters to each (no boosts)? :grinning:

crit is half of the original score of the particular move (not base damage) on top. So if it’s a 1.5x move you first calculate base damage times 1.5 and add half of that score to it.

For low to mid lvl counters you can check out metahub or youtube. you normally find guides/videos there shortly after the events have started.

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Thanks! :grinning::+1:

Personally going with suchotator, dimodactylus, purrutaurus and dracoceratop for safety.

Suchotator will most likely be my opener. :grinning: Dimodactylus is great! I love my flyer hybrid! The part I’m still trying to figure out is the other two. I think Trykosaurus will make the team. Spot 4, I’m not sure. :thinking:

What level is your Purutaurus? Mine is level 15 with tier 2 boosts in health and speed as well as tier 3 in attack. I’m asking because I wanna try and figure out if he can handle the themed tower where I have him at right now. I’m more interested in the themed tower than the boss one as the themed tower will be more likely to have Darwinopterus, and I’m trying to get Stygidaryx.

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Mine is 16 without any boost. Didnt really think of the theme one as it has lower lvl dinos in it. I will use those 4 for the boss one.

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Or you just do time 1.5 2 times if it’s an impact move or equivalent ^^