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Epic tower hands Bumpy but only for some?

Ok so today the Epic strike tower (3 stages) appeared… apparently some got Bumpy others got useless other dna?? Seriously Ludia… you’ve lost it

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There is only a chance to get Bumpy

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I got Acro and Oviloph from it

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Its ridiculous new creatures are now the new milk cow of Ludia (buy FIP packages!!! $$$)

Stop this drama. It is a normal strike tower that has lots of epics with 5.88% chance of getting DNA, some are lucky with RNG others aren’t.

Thursday there will be a Bumpy strike tower.

I understand there’s a lot of disappointment with Ludia, but lets not make up random issues where there are no issues.


I’m perfectly able to decide for myself what I think is drama and what not after 3 years of playing thank you very much

Yet you complain about a normal strike tower that is there every week.


A 3 stage epic every week ?? Really? Where do you live cause we usually get 1 staged

I’m talking about epic strike towers that have a large range of epic dinos that have 5.88% chance of getting DNA. Like ANY incubator you open you get a chance, and usually the new dinos are included.

This was a regular strike tower where some people got lucky with Bumpy RNG others didn’t.

Thursday you will get 200 Bumpy DNA.

There is nothing wrong here, it is the same as always.


As said: a “regular” tower is one staged this one was 3 staged… so it’s not regular.

And you don’t have to agree with me but you surely don’t have to force YOUR opinion on this matter upon me.

But it is a regular tower, it is not a Bumpy tower as you put it in your title.

I just don’t understand your issue, because every tower gives a small chance of epic dna. This happens with every tower, whether it is 1 stage or 5 stage, and new dinos, like compy’s and Dodos are part of them all too.


Yea it’s a 5% chance you get it. It just has all the new creatures from the previous year. It’s NOT a bumpy tower.


You don’t have to understand or even agree… I think it’s unfair a relatively tough tower hands dna favouring a few while others get rubbish for the same effort.

Well it doesn’t favor anyone. It’s just luck. I have as good a chance to get it as they next person


I got troodon and ovilophosaurus

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Not sure I follow this “market”

This again happens with every tower. Some people get what others feel is good dna, some get what others feel rubbish dna, that is all subjective.

But, what you just said about that strike tower is the same for all the strike towers from the easiest to the hardest.


If the tower said guaranteed bumpy dna (like Friday’s epic tower will)… I could agree and understand your frustration
But this one, as most other strike events are, was based on RNG
I got RatPro in mine. I’d much rather have gotten Bumpy, but RNG is RNG is RNG. I just know I’m not playing the lottery today because my luck isn’t on par with others :woman_shrugging:
Either way, we’re getting a Bumpy strike tower this week… so it’s not like they released it a month early for some and not others
Also, it’s not like they put a Bumpy inc in the store only as they’ve done in the past before they released it in the towers


Well I’m glad all of you are satisfied with not getting it. Pretty sure Ludia relies on that by now