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Epic Tower reward

So who got 267 Alanqa dna in today’s epic strike tower instead of the usual 200?

Maybe you get some from the other part of epic DNA. Don’t have one in reach…

Possibly. I did only get one epic dino at the end of the incubator, so maybe it did combine the amounts. Sad really considering it’s the season reward too.

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I got 200 Alanqa, 178 Darwin and 220 Grypo

I got 200 Alanqua, and the rest of epic DNA was split between T. Rex and Darwin DNA.

I got 20 utasino from it too. Haven’t checked how much alanqa because who cares :slight_smile:


I got nothing because I was wiped out, and being wiped out by 3 of the worst dinos out there is humiliating, but also losing 1.500 money in retries is humiliating, especially because it’s half of my entire heritage.
So I don’t know if I really am such a bad player or the game is cheating, as I lose always because my dino doesn’t dodge properly, and that’s humiliating too.

In conclusion, well there’s no conclusion, it’s just a useless complaint the kind of which is becoming ever more difficult to keep for myself, as I usually do.

What did you use? Those kind of strike can be tricky cause they swap a lot generally

Pretty much constant swapping with the odd strike inbetween - because of swap in invincibility you need nulify or shattering moves. Maxima took out 2 and Magna mopped up.

Winning :grin:


I lost the first try but won the second try and got this. Also 137 branchi

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What all dinos are in the strike tower? I don’t have one in range to check. I won’t be able to check unil 7 PM EST.

Hey you got my rewards! No fair!!! :rofl:

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Arambourgiana, alanqa and hatzegopterix. All lvl 30 of course

I got Alanqa and Concav, how rubbish!

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Oh that’s… really bad

Thank you.

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Rare Incubator opened today.


Lovely gift for your cake day!

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You trumped me high king :crown:

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