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Epic tower today


Brachiosaurus started with rampage then swap to diplo and apat last
Went with bleeders and lost 1 time the swap on my sucho bleed and crits done it for them
2 time went for power and indoraptor and thor destroyed them
Brachiosaurus didn’t swap 2 time image|281x500
At last can create him

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First of all, I started with Tahsuchus and lethal wounded Brachy. Next I used swoop, but he swapped to Diplo, so he got the wound, but Darwez was auto swapped in, so double wound. Killed Diplo. Darwez instant invisibilitred Brachys rampage. Swapped to Tryko them swapped to Darwez. Darwe died.Killed Brach with a crit impact from Tahsuchus. Wounded apato and suchus died. Then finished it with Thor

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This was the only epic I got from the tower. Super happy!


Congrats! It seems so mystical!


I got diplodocus and I am happy :smiley:

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Very easy :smile:


Like rly? I need so much Ourano and Diplo, havesnt seen an Ourano for like 6 months, still didnt unlock the Diloracheirus and u know what? Got full Brachio, what a dissapointment


I endup getting 397 Brachio … really don’t need him as already have 10K+ DNA for him … would be happy to Duplo but no luck :frowning:


Same for me

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It really does lol

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Nice, that new hybrid gonna be badass


Did it at second attempt with

  • Spinotasuchus lvl. 20
  • Thoradolosaurus lvl. 22
  • Trykosaurus lvl. 21
  • RAT lvl. 21 (didn’t use)

Epic DNA > Brachiosaurus :no_mouth:

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Much easier than expected. Suggest starting with Tryostronix, even a mid-level one should work. Use Ferocious Strike first, then when you select Ready to Crush your opponent will swap to Diplo. Tryo goes first and you can one-shot it. Then you get the first shot off against Brachiosaurus. One down and two damaged.


I like that idea and my 28 could use some excitement :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could’ve made this battle shorter but decided to have some fun with Stygy :parrot:


I started with spinotasuchus finished with tryostronix. Got 398 ouransaurus.


Got ourano. Wanted diplo, but hopefully Sunday I will get it instead

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Nice job, really liked it ^^ remember me when I had those lvls


Sorry. What level were all those Dinos? 18, 17, 15, 17?