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Epic towers leaked

None of these leaks are mine or the other person that posted below me. I am just sharing.
1 step
1 step
5 step
3 step


Nice, really hoping for some Anky from the one. Need it badly.

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I just want erlikosaurus

s1 s2 s3 s4

These seem easy. For the raptor squad, I’ll use Stegodeus, Nodopatotitan, Gigaspikeasaur and V-Raptor. For the 30 Nodopatotitan, I’ll use Spinotahsuchus & Suchotator. For the Anky duo, I’ll use Postimetrodon, Trex, Rajakylosaurus and probably Spinotahsuchus. For the Sauropod trio, I’ll use just chompers.

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Nice!!! :smiley:
Gonna smash Blue this time after she critted me in the last battle! :joy:

So glad we get four towers, if these should be true I‘ll get enough coins to lvl my Monomimus and Iraptor! :smiley:


And btw I love the title of the last one. ‚Zähe Brocken‘, yeah this nails it. :joy:

These look a bit easier than the last two weeks.

Going to be a fun week with thor against those tanks :smile:


…Could it be? Epic towers my team actually stands a chance at winning?!

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That was my exact thought!

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Looks like they want the people who lost last week to feel better by giving much easier challenges this week including an additional Epic Tower!!

I still don’t understand their fascination with Owen Raptors! They are practically useless. Hope they award generic incubator instead of themed incubator for that one only.


What does that mean? :thinking:

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Zähe means tough in German. But that is as far as my German goes.

give me Darwin!!!

All look easy except the raptor one.
Nodopatotitan can be bled easily
Euo and Ankylo can be chomped or bled
Sauropods can be chomped, bled, or indominus rexed


Relating to the raptor one - does anyone know if the strike event invincibility bug has been fixed yet?

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I have used Instant Invincibility several times in strike towers with Trago. It worked normally, seems fixed.

I don’t think the problem was with Instant Invincibility, I’ve used Swap in Invincibility plenty of times with no issue. The problems start when I use Long Invincibility, I don’t think the AI can handle an Invincibility move that lasts more than one turn.

So @Delta, without any confirmation on Short or Long Invincibility, I’d play it safe.

With the polar vortex, I don’t want to use something like stun or the invincibility move and have to wait in minus double digit temperatures the whole 240 second for this :hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: game to finally make its move.

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