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Epic trading system idea


Epic trading within alliances would be terrible for the game with all the L5 players and spoofers.
Therefore, what about trading with the game
You give 100 useless secondo DNA
In return get 50 useful Rex DNA

50% loss but great for those hard to get and sometimes you only need a few to evolve something

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Gimme all your ourano :roll_eyes:

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Unless Ludia finally do something about cheaters this will always cause be a problem and it will hurt the legitimate players who want/need Epic trading to be a thing. Epic trading should remain like what we have now but the amount you can give out should be reduced.


It’s not like cheaters can just max an unique just by opening endless incubators… Oh wait!!!

Saying that we shouldn’t have x or y function because of cheaters is just shooting ourselves in the foot.

There always were, always are and always will be cheaters. Limiting gameplay because of them is just foolish.

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Ludia wont ever do that.
Doing this would mean I swap 20k baryo for 10k erliko and laugh hysterically for 2 weeks.


They can also put a limit of like 200 a day or something

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That way it will take me 100 days to do the same, so I still have the same result and laugh hysterically for over 3 months :smile:

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What happens when secon gets a hybrid that is super awesome?


There are a few ways to do epic trading… but putting a limit on it… they like to borrow ideas from clash royal… like the whole alliance system to begin with. So the easiest one is to make lkke their epic sunday where you can do one epic request per week. Another one would be to implement epic trading tokens that could also be used for trading.