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Epic Trainer Bundles now for sale!

I like these a lot… I bought both :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


now that’s what i call a sale. keep these available and Ludia will be in an untapped market. do one for the giga scents as well.


I am so glad they started selling this bundle… now I can fip dna to my hearts content :grinning:

I dont know if i like it…until you spend all of them in dinos you really need,you miss the free ones every day


Did everything stack so you don’t lose out? Also will the daily rewards stack on top of these so you don’t lose out on those? It will take time to use up all the tools if you want to max out DNA you are working on

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I actually have several dinos I need dna for so in reality these won’t last long. Unfortunately they only stack up if you buy them in the bundles like this… if you try to get them from supply drops after you buy these… those you will lose

So to clarify… the ones I bought in both bundles I was able to stack and keep…

But the one you get from 6hr and Supply Drops will not.

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Decent deals, but I’ve sworn off spending money on live service model games.

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i bought the 100 fip bundle. with 3 epics and a rare exclusive i need dna for this will help. with it, i should have lania within a month and working on one of the other uniques. probably rhino since i don’t need to level 2 different things.

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Wow. Hopefully these will come back on payday.

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I don’t think these are a good deal. Sure you get a bunch but look at the data.

• If you buy without having max items already you lose out on those free ones.

• if you do have max then buy the bundle you have that many more to use.

• by having max, before or after buying the bundle you lose out on all the free ones until you use the ones you bought.

• item reset is 3 hours per specific dinosaurs. So 1 set of all items every 3 hours.

• using an item over and over on the same dino decreases dna per item.

Unless you have multiple level 20 sanctuaries and you’re working on almost every dino in the sanctuaries, wait the 3 hour cool down per dinosaurs, and run out before the 6 hour free incubator where you get 2 interactions, and use all items before the daily reset it’s a waste.

I’m using items on 2 brachiosaurus only plus the new epic. So all those items would be a major waste. I can do what I need to do with my free ones every 3 hours and then get more free ones at reset.

Big waste of money buying those in my opinion.


Awesome… yes I totally agree it will help

We starting a themed co-op sanc just for these so people don’t “lose” anything and can FIP several at once. We’re thinking it should level pretty quickly. We’re doing Diplod and Mammoth only.


That’s what my Alliance has done as well

Hey @Phil I hear you… for some it may not make sense for them… but for me it helps a lot… I don’t just use to get dna for myself… a lot of times I also use them to get dna to donate to my Alliance for dna I either don’t have or am low on… that’s why I like that they gave several options to choose from in the store… no one is forcing anyone to by the 100 one like I did there is also the standard 10… and even a epic 20 one… so for me personally I love the idea… but I see where your coming from

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I wouldn’t personally buy these because, as others have said, you lose out on the free ones, plus there’s that annoying “semi-cooldown” every dino has in the sanctuaries for whatever reason. If they ever decide to lift the cooldown or at least make it less than 3 hours, this would be a great deal. I’m also in the situation where I only need a select few dinos.

Although I have to admit, if that cooldown wasn’t there, I’d be tempted, and I don’t normally want to part with my cash for games.


Finally!! :tada: ( I put up a while ago asking for more trainer bundles… My wish has been granted!! :pray:

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Ludia actually making good deal and decisions…this can’t be real :joy:

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Oh boy, I’m gunna have 99+ showing again…

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