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Epic trex incubator

I see they got an epic trex incubator for sale. I got jipped on the utahraptor incubator i got utahraptor than worthless edmontasaurus and Quetzalcoatlus‭ or something just as worthless. Does any one have a good story about an epic trex incubator before i essentially waste the money. Thanks.

500 DNA for fifty usd

Hardly worth it, even if they have nerfed trex spawns to sell incubators.

Don’t do it

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I got one, so you get 500 Trex plus an epic incubator. I got good stuff in mine including Kentro and more Sinoceratops, plus rare dilo, and a ton of draco gen 2.

Better new years deals will be in tomorrow.
The Christmas 15000 cash for 50usd has been the best deal so far

On your recommendation i bought 1. I didn’t do as well as you did. I got spinosarus, igonodon, i did get postosuchus but that was about it for highlights.

Don’t do it ever, period.


Lol I’m so addicted to this game I’m always spending cash money on it to see what’s behind door number 1 or 2 ahhahahahaha for real and I’m so disappointed most of the time but I still do it hoping that it will be better next time!! :woman_facepalming:t3:

Why do they screw over paying customers? I mean if they want edmontasaurus in the game and iguanadon diplocalius in the game make them catchable in the wild but i used a rare scent capsule and only got edmontasaurus dna and common dna. Put that dna in the free incubators but if you pay 50 dollars do you really feel it is justified to give your customer worthless DNA.

I completely AGREE WITH YOU! I use to spend a lot of money on this game but not anymore because of that reason right there. IF THEY WANT US TO CONTINUE SPENDING REAL CASH THEY REALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO US.

Or not. Whales buy them anyways