Epics and attemps

Have a question for the group. Today I had 3 epics I was able to get out of the 15 tries I only used a Max of 5 attempts and was able to create them. However later on when I got back into the game and they showed up again. It said I had maxed out my attempts and I am no longer able to get DNA. Is this normal after you get enough DNA and create them you can no longer finish out the rest of the attempts? Or, should I have just kept gathering the DNA and not created them until I finished all the attempts myself? Still a rookie at this so any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Provided you didnt use all 15 attempts up, you should have some left whether you created them or not =/.

You get 15 attempts TOTAL, not 15 attempts EACH!


Lmao i literally laughed at this

That’s the thing. Before logging out it had 10 and 11 attempts left. Right now there is this one showing I haven’t seen all day cause it just spawned and already says I’m at Max attemps.

You only get 15 attempts spread out over every dinosaur available. So you could use them ALL on Sinoceratops for example, then have zero attempts left for the others.

Its 15 attempts total, you don’t get 15 tries at each dinosaur!

Wish it was the case, but its not!

Just cuz u havent seen an event stegocera until now doesnt mean u get more attempts lol

U go out find the spawns u want and use ur attempts accordingly. I personally used all 15 attempts on sino this weekend. So i got 0 attempts on anky nodopato stegocera amd amarga

And tomorrow when we 36 common attempts. Normally i would say use all 36 on galli but witj monoM getting nerfed badly it doesnt really matter tbh, but ill use all 18 on dime, and all 6 on posti

Oh, okay. I though it was on each. Just goes to show ya. Rookie mistakes. :v::grin:


All good, we all have to learn at some point. Nobody is born knowing everything about everything…and if they claim they do, then it just proves they know nothing lol