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Epics are more in wild OR I was lucky but unlucky today?



Today during my 35 mins travel to work (most of them in a Tram); in first 20 to 25 mins I saw 6x Epics lucky but unlucky that 4x of them were just like 10 to 20 meters away from my range (and I was in Tram).

So was that once in a while thing or Epics are more you guys seeing now in the wild?

The 6x I found were:

1x Koolosuchus (most useless, I got 5K+ DNA of him already and he was in range only)
2x T-Rex (able to dart one)
1x Spinosaurus Gen 2 (what is his use till now?)
1x Erlinkosaurus
1x Spinoxxxxx (can’t remember the name, Spino hybrid Epic)


Sorry to tell you you’ve used up your lucky mile! Please walk another 1000 miles to get your lucky mile. :joy:

Just kidding. I read somewhere that if you spot an epic odds are on that you’ll spot a couple more. Yesterday I have 3 T rexes and a pyr… Raptor thing spawn near me within 30 mins. Couldn’t get all of them though as my bus is moving away.


Lucky, I didn’t run into any epics for the past 2 days. Though the day before my unlucky spree I did find and dart 5 Trexes so…