Epics disappeared?


Have they changed the spawn rates? Struggling to find any epics already :open_mouth:


If I’m being honest I have found loads today including hybrids. Check it out


Omg, I am on the dna hunt for that thing! Got my Gory in the right place, but having issues finding the Kaprosuchas. I know he spawns at night though.


The Epics are still around, but the migration has really stirred the pot. I actually found a Concavenator last night, but decided against screenshotting in case it decided to vanish.


Im finding alot of Epic yeeterday i found 12 Epic Wich of 7 were t rexes


Lol and I can’t even find one rex already… oh wait I found 1 this morning!


I found that gorgosuchus at about 1PM so maybe rethink the night thing as that was broad daylight! Unless it was a fluke :blush:


Yeah, I see a few Kaprosuchus around lunch time every day.


Where is everyone from that you find so many epics I live in a suburb of Massachusetts


I only saw postimetrodon twice near a hospital