Epics for alliance requests petition

I think we should be able to request epics in alliances! What do u think?

Should we?
  • Epics allowed in requests
  • NO

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This comes up a lot and while I think it would be a good thing if handled right, you’ll find that many on these forums feel strongly that it just helps spoofers. I disagree but expect some resistance to the idea.


I think it would be fine for epics to be donated, but only on Sundays like in clash royale so it would be fair. For example, only 125 would be able to be requested. This is cuz you can get 2,000 common dna, 500 rare dna so its only fair to be able to get 125 epic dna once a week. I would choose wisley cuz many people wouldn’t donate anyway unless they had it at level 30. For some reason a lot of people in my alliance have level 30 rexes and other dinos, i mean theres a level 30 sino, i mean seriously.

It would be fair to have 125 a week. thats much less than what they give every week so it should be fine


I’d like something like the CR Epic Sunday Event. Maybe Saturday.

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Although the spooferpart does matter it isn’t the only factor in play. I wasn’t here from the beginning but I’ve been around a long time and I’ve watched people get handed things I had to work for so I cant imagine what the old school players think. There is also the fact that the top is gets more crowded every day and this will accelerate the mashing together of players pretty severely… this game is fun when you have to find it and seeing an epic makes you go “oh man, let’s walk a few blocks and get that guy” but trust me when that thrill is gone the only thing left is the arena which most people already think of as a slog. Enjoy the journey, I promise you slow and steady is better for you and the game

While I think this would be great, I also think that this will only make rich even richer. I honestly don’t know

I’ve been here since the start and I know what you mean. I too miss the days of seeing an Epic out there and going hunting. That still exists for newer players I’m sure but us older players have little reason to hunt these days because we have everything. We’re also got thousands of excess Epic DNA sitting there doing nothing.

I’m certainly not suggesting we be able to throw it all out. I think Epic donations/requests should be contained to say weekends and the amount be restricted - although not so much that it isn’t worth asking for it.


Would definitely be cool to be able to trade some Epic DNA that I see myself never using. Gives a diverse Alliance more synergy as well.


Spoofers might not even matter. They’re spoofers, they’ll do whatever it takes to get the DNA they want. I think that if they balanced the donatable amount properly, the positives outweigh the negatives.

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That’s exactly my point. I’ve said many times before thst we should not be held hostage to spoofers and cheats over this.

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Besides, some rares (like Irritator) are just as valuable as epics, if not more. So if spoofing is a problem, they can already use this system to get the rares that they want. So I don’t see why allowing people to donate epic DNA is such a big deal.

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