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Epics for sale

What determines how often epics appear that you can sell in the store? It’s probably been 2 weeks since I have seen them come up and I am logging in every 4 hours

Their frequency has significantly decreased after last update

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@Keith @Ludia_Developers Would anyone like to comment on why epics never appear in the store that you can sell?

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I posted about this a couple of weeks ago and people acted like I was crazy. Useless epics just stacked up. Wish we could donate them.

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I guess maybe that would be OP. Players benefiting in better guilds (high trophy, long time players) would so far outpace everybody else. The better the guild, the bigger the advantage. I know, I know, that’s the advantage of guilds. This, though, might be a step too far, especially with guild wars coming. :wink: In other words, balance. They are very careful with players’ experience.