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Epics for the other "pests"


The spawn mechanics tries to be “fair” in the distribution between locals (and we all know it fails on that), but one of the main differences is that only the “pest” of L2, Einiosaurus, can be turned into an Epic. Though Sarcorixis usefulness can be contested in higher arenas, it helps many players on their way up. So it would be nice to have Epic choices for Majungasaurus-Majundasuchus, Diplocaulus-Diplotator and Suchomimus-Suchotator (even though this last one is already very useful as a rare). Just a thought.


That’s what I was thinking too. The rare hybrids to me go l4>l3>l2>l1 and I feel like some should be better. Also, I feel like dg2 needs to be a global if they’re giving it that kind of power


global dg2🤢. then everyone will have lvl 30 dracos.


If DG2 became global, L3 would get a huge advantage to create DC with the TriceraG2

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Yes, replace our pesky green diplocaulus with Draco2!

Good idea :innocent:


Make both global, it’s not really fair tbh that they have the advantages over L1 & 4