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Epics in hybrid pursuits

I just wonder, how does the spawning algorithm work when the hybrid pursuit creature is an epic? The events work incredibly well for common and rare creatures, you see lots of them in the wild and even when you don’t, you know you can pop a couple of scents and you’ll see them.

I get it that epic creatures should not be seen as often as common and rares. But there is a lot of variation in the spawning rate! From other posts in this forum, there seem to be people that see at least a couple every day even without using scents, while some people (like me) NEVER see the hybrid pursuit epics even when popping scents like crazy and rarely logging out of the game. I have only seen one Mammoth this week and it was only 3 rhinos a few weeks ago. Is this a zone thing?

Ludia, could you make it more uniform for everyone? Or could you just change the hybrid pursuit from chasing them in the wild to just give an incubator with a certain amount of DNA that depends on how much activity you had that week?

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Depends on time. Night is the best time ro look for them since hardly nothing swpans at night. Looking for mammoth in parks is a bad idea too.

I don’t think that’s true. I’m pretty sure wherever you are, whatever time it is, your chances of getting one are the same. There’s a Gamepress article on spawns.

As for the premise of this thread, it’s just RNG. Can’t really make a case against it based on a handful of accounts. It’s just like dodges or crits or stuns. It’s all luck.

Quite simply, the possibilities are poorly calculated.

To evolve Mamutherium approximately 4 times more mammoth is needed than Elasmotherium and this independently that one is exclusive and the other a plague. Therefore, it would be logical that the spawning rate had a slightly similar proportion, but the reality is very different.

If we forget about the megacapsules that are provisional, according to gamepress calculations, a person who actively hunts 3 hours a day (which is a lot) could collect between 10,000 and 20,000 DNA from elasmotherium (or any other rare) during the week while that he would hopefully see two or three mammoths (or any other epic) which would involve far less than 1,000 epic dna.

With the commons it is even more exaggerated.