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Epics in teams


So I’ve lost a lot of cups because of the demand for legendary creatures at my stage. Since I can’t get those right now. Which epics would be good for my team? Also if you don’t have an alliance then join the TroodonYT alliance now!

there is the team I’m using


I would say gorgo, posto and suchotator are all worth leveling on your team. Velociraptor too if you have the availability it get it high enough. I would also try to level your amargo to have a solid tank on your team. Allosaurus worked really great for me at your level and is pretty easy to level up if you spend some time in L3

Most important thing I can stress is to keep grinding and grinding and darting everything you see that can be of use. I passed up SO many dinos at a lower level because I simply thought “meh they’re everywhere” or “i need so many of those to level up…it wont hurt me if i skip just one now”. Dart. Every. Single. Dino.


Stegoceratops was a mainstay in my team in the early days along with Stegosaurus itself however that was when Stegos were everywhere and it was easy to level up. The new Procerathomimus is worth a look as is Edmontoguanodon.

Looking at the rares, Suchotator is an absolute beast that will take you up to the higher arenas - I keep dipping into the top 500 and it is still on my team (L29 admittedly) - fairly easy to build especially now Irritator G2 is global; if you’re not in the Suchomimus local you can request it from your Alliance - at least some will have a ton of it. Einiasuchus was another mainstay in the early days - again, relatively easy to create and level (mine is L21 and I still toy with levelling it up further).

If you’re after a Legendary then Monolometrodon is relatively easy to get and isn’t bad.

Can’t agree with @Tpock44 enough … dart EVERYTHING … today’s pidgeon is tomorrow’s Spix’s Macaw.


These epics have always worked for me and have taken me pretty far