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Epics on daily missions


For the daily missions you should be able to choose what Epic you want, for example I wouldn’t mind T-Rex for indom as my indom is lvl 19 and for indoraptor you need indom lvl 20


Literally just cycled off of rex a few days ago :joy:


Yup, looks like Rex lasted for 4 weeks, so I guess we can assume we’ll get 4 weeks of Anky.

Considering how it’s stuck in parks, I have absolutely no problem with getting it daily :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’m fine with the useful epics (anky, sino, mono, ouro, trex, etc.) staying as daily for a month. I’ll just stock pile and work toward those dinos that use it until they are gone. It adds some planing and dependability to epic dna.

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