Epics on top of epics


Anyone else ever had this happen? Definitely not complaining, though I wish that Seco had been a Sino…

Share your similar sightings!


By the way, in case anyone is wondering, Im not a city player so epics are hard to come by. This was the location of the epic pile.



Well it’s onky one epic but it makes for an interesting hybrid


What the heck is that thing! It looks like a stegosaurus that has a gorgosuchus butt


Hahaha it’s a stegosaurus and a spinotahraptor


Love is in the air! I’ve yet to come across this in my game. I assume selecting the smaller dinosaur would be a pain. :persevere:


Had to take care or the Rex first :slight_smile:


Makes sense. Though one question. Why does everyone have more Special Event drops than me? :sob:


I’ve never seen epics on top of each other like that but I have had 3 on my screen at once. (Not event ones)


I live in Vermont. While we may be a very small, sparsely populated state, we do have an affinity for green spaces which bodes well for special event drops in parks.

My town (which happens to be one of the largest towns in the state) only has a population of 8,000 and I know of probably 30ish special event drops here.


… I have 3, that’s it unless I travel miles


Bummer. Come to Vermont they are everywhere


That’s how hybrids are made in the wild.