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Epics worth taking past 20?

Excluding Sarcorixis and Wooly Rhino, I’m curious to know what other Epic creatures people think are worth bringing into the 20+ range for use against legendary, unique, and - dare I suggest - possibly even Apex match-ups, though less the latter.

Considering I still fight rare Suchotators at 30 with clever users, and someone’s boosted 29 common Velociraptor just wiped the floor with my team a few days ago, I’m wondering if anyone has been able to keep up some old favorites for variety’s sake.

Who do you use? Who would you use if you had the boosts, DNA and coins to spare? Who do you wish you could use if they only had a slight stat tweak?

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As far as I’m concerned, the biggest problem is the fact that it cost as much (coins wise) to level up a common (or an epic) or a Unique. So basically, to level up an Epic to lvl 30, you will have spent as many coins as it would cost to level up a Unique (if we don’t count all the previous dino leveling before). So coins wise it’s relatively expensive to do so on the long run. That being said, if your team is pretty much completed, then sure enough going for those is truly great (particularly if they can be used in tourney). So, I’ll be watching this thread :slight_smile:


I don’t use these, but a boosted Entelachops and Majungaboa would be useful.


I hope to try and lvl up mainly titanaboa and majungaboa to punish swappers, and I’ve seen majungaboa is somewhat of a risky cera counter so that may help in the future, especially with the invincibility I think it is when people swap out. And boa’s on escape rampage would be very usefull


I use a level 18-19 boosted Proceratomimus on my team

(The rest are Legendaries and Uniques)

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There’s definitely a significant investment involved, and that’s partly why I’m of the mind that anything you level up should be competitive (though not superior) to rarities and hybrids further up the chain. If they were done differently, boosts could be the equalizer for such things but of course boosts don’t have a restriction on who they can be used on.

It would be particularly nice to see a greater variety of opposing creatures in the arena, though. Maybe someone’s ideas here will release a true overlooked gem?


I brought my Majundaboa up to level 18 I think and found that to be useful at all beyond the entry-level epics it needed a hefty dose of HP boosts (and some extra attack boosts for good measure), only a few of which I have. Its base stats are unfortunately lacking even at par levels with opponents, and the higher you go the less likely you’re going to find any unboosted creatures.

No experience with Entelachops, though!

There are several creatures that can be a nightmare at higher levels.

In the arena I‘d only recommend to use epic hybrids. Such as Sarcorixis of course (even though a nerf is pretty sure), then Entelochops and even Indominus Gen II. Procera can still do a lot of damage if properly boosted.

I‘d also recommend to boost non hybrid epics for tournaments. Some are very strong like Titanoboa and the Rhino, others depend ob personal feeling I‘d say.

I like Allo Gen II a lot too.

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I’ve been eyeing Indominus Gen II as a good multi-purpose option. Having cloak+APR is always good but the Definite Strike is a nice foil to facing off with other Indominuses (Indomini?) and I’m curious as to how well the Mutual Fury would play out when speed boosts are all that seem to matter later on.

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Entelochops, Diplodocus, Allo gen 2, indom gen 2, brontolasmus, and majundaboa are good options.
Risky options can be Velosrhacos, Erlikogamma, and Brachiosaurus.
Options that are very, very risky are Green Becky and Trex.


Thylacotator is worth is 1000%. Mine is level 27 with Hp and Speed boosted and it eats Dentis, Thor, Tryko and almost every other tank for breakfast. Defo worth


I notice Ovilophosaurus hasn’t hit anyone’s list yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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I plan to max lvl ovilopho, only problem is finding ovi dna and figuring out how I’m gonna boost the dandelion cockatiel


I have 11K DNA for that I’d be glad to give you. It pops up rather frequently on my commute.

Or would, if the game would work properly >.>

shhh we dont share these information to the public! keep it to yourself!! :shushing_face:

Lol i like the nickname

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Thank you, I would be so incredibly happy if it had red cheecks tho, but I still like it


I might be crazy but I will take toast to level 30
Toast aka carnotaurus

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Screenshot_20210323-204433_JW Alive|690x1104 lol

good luck on your journey