Seen alot of people on here saying they haven’t seen any epics in a while…

I’ve just got the bus to town (in liverpool uk) about a 25 minute bus ride there and back, and I have managed to dart 8 epics this afternoon.
So they’re deffo still out there.

But not seen a t rex in weeks, I don’t understand this “migration” what’s the point in taking away an integral dinosaur from a dinosaur game ?


im from slovakia from city called Martin a now im on holiday in small village in slovakia…in week and half i see here only 3 epic and one of it was ourano…:-/


Very nice, what epics did you come across? I only managed to find one epic yesterday, and that being the ouranosaurus lol


I had an oranosaurus, I actually really like this Dino.
2 postimetrodon.
2 rajasaurus
2 erkilosaurus
And concavator (spelt wrong) haha


In my area in north Puget Sound, I get long dry spells. Sometimes 3-4 days with only a few Trikes and Dimes, no epics. Then suddenly I’ll have a day where I’m wading in T-rexes, Postimetrodons, Monolophs, etc.

Good times, those days.


Oh same! I used to have an ouranosaurus on my team from Arena 3-7, then I had to swap the beaut out haha

If she happens to have an upcoming hybrid in her line that would be wonderful, I have quite a bit of dna stacked for her :blush:


Always good if she goes first cos youll always get strike amd stunning rampage in amd then hopefully can run if they’re stunned… great Dino imo


long live mohamed salah i love him L-pool 4ever :smiley: :slight_smile: