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How did you complete battle stage 29

I don’t remember. Sorry

It is really simple , all battle stages are easy . All you have to put in is a effort,you unlock more battle stages as you level.

Some general rule for completing the battle stages:

  1. You always know what your opponents are.
    So always take the class advantage.
  2. Always put the 1st strike in reserve.
  3. Don’t hesitate to sacrifice yr dino, which has done his work (killed the opposite dino). After killing the dino, put all yr points in reseve.
  4. Kill the opposite dino in 1 shot even if it takes you to reserve for 1 more time. Never ever do 80-90% damage. That dino is as same as dino with full health.

Hope this help you and all others to overcome stage battles.

I finished part 6 thanks gunzz