Episode 38 - 40 missions

Trying to contribute something to the community, these are the missions of Chapter 38. I’ll update the post as it progresses

However they are in Spanish. I could gladly translate each one into English and place them under each image. (Translation ready)

Making Contact

When night falls

  • Buy and place 1 bonfire
  • Collect 10,000,000 coins

Overwhelming success

  • Buy and place a jurasic fallen tower
  • Move a jurassic fallen tower next to a monument to jhon hammond

Tense Deal

  • Expand the park
  • Get 6 lava craters
  • Buy and place a prehistory park

The cavalry arrives

  • Get 4 Mysterious Caverns
  • Place a Jurassic Fallen Tower with a 15% bonus as a minimum
  • Get a pack of cards


  • Places an newly born amphibian
  • Places an newly born carnivore

Barry’s menu

  • Feed a dinosaur 5 times
  • Get 50 dinosaurs with a 25% bonus as a minimum
  • Place a newly born dinosaur

Curiosity killed the cat

  • Buy and place 1 horizon observatory
  • Place 1 newly born dinosaur
  • Complete battle phase 62

At home

  • Buy and place a go-kart circuit
  • Buy and place some Jurassic arcades
  • Place Jurassic Recreation with a bonus of at least 20%

To the promised land


  • Collect 1,000,000 coins from the Buildings
  • Collect 5,000,000 Dinosaur Coins
  • Get 2,000,000 Food


Guess again

  • Get 6 fossil gift shops.
  • Place a power generator with a 15% bonus minimum
  • Collect benefits from a Heavenly Point 3 times

Alleged x

  • Place 3 newborn Carnivores
  • Feed a dinosaur 7 times
  • Complete Battle Phase 63


  • Buy and place an Extinction Roller Coaster
  • Feed an Herbivore 7 times
  • Collect 2,000,000 coins from the buildings
    Unfortunately, in this chapter you cannot take the capture of a mission. My apologies.

Desperate measures


  • Move 5 amber pedestals
  • Move 5 oasis parks
  • Buy and place 3 tar pits

Leader of the pack

  • Feed a carnivore 7 times
  • Raise 29 carnivores to level 30 minimum

Off the island

  • Collect 10 Modern Bows
  • Place a hotel three crowns with a bonus of 25 minimum

Clean wheat

  • Move a fossil gift shop
  • Move a Jurassic arcade
  • Buy and place a wild waterfall

Reality of Fiction

  • Place a newborn carnivore
  • Place a newborn Pterosaur

I see it black

  • Collect 12,000 coins from a power generator
  • Set up a communication station with a minimum bonus of 30
  • Complete Battle Phase 64


  • Get a Velociraptor with a minimum 30% bonus
  • Get a ZHEJIANGOPTERUS level 40
  • Place a newborn velociraptor


  • Collect 1,000,000 Herbivore Coins
  • Buy and place an amber cave
  • Get a jungle cafeteria with a bonus of at least 35%

Translations would at least help me :slight_smile: (And I should totally do this when I start my next Episode!)

All right, buddy, in a few more minutes I upload the translation.

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This episode seems rather fast than the usual :thinking:

That’s right, however the times of some buildings are long, of course if you pay DB you save all that time. Also in my case the park extensions take me at least 3 days to be ready. So that can delay missions a little bit. I don’t know if these missions change a little according to the park lvl you have.

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Not sure fi you know this but you dont need to buy those buildings if you already have them. If you do have them you just need to put them in your storage and place them again and it will count as if yoi just bought it and placed it.


Yes, I discovered it a couple of days ago jeje , however I had no horizon observatory. Which is what I’m late …

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This might be stupid but I have one of each building just in case they require for a mission and this way I dont have to wait for it to be built :rofl:

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Thanks for posting these…

If someone can get the actual English descriptions at some point that would be helpful for the spreadsheet data!

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Added chapters 39 and 40 missions. During the day I will be uploading the translation if someone is interested. Nice day

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I do this too. The problem is when they want you to collect 200,000 coins from the building… you’ll need like 5. As a warning, this happens with Communication Buildings, Power Generators (but more like 20K) and some others.

I’m stuck on a level 40 stegosaurus. Once that is done, I’ll know which episode I’m on. I’m right around here.

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Must be chapter 36 or 37. I remember that mission.

I just fused mine ahah. Luckly I will make another in the meantime for that mission though

I fused mine to a stegaseratops and made a second (merged to lev20) to help with dominator.

Sadly, it didn’t help very much. Better than what I had, but a sub 2500F meat shield doesn’t go far. (2500F is VIP level 10)

The Ankylodocus (which I fused at about the same time), has helped a lot. I have 3 at lev20, moving to 4 tomorrow. Ok meat shields, but with some fire power if you need them to ax a bird. (They are about 3000F.)

I mention this, because I know you’re struggling to make dominator.

Beware, both are in the 5-7hour cool down range. I make 3 dominator battle runs a day now. The first of the day, I usually do the PvE and with whatever is left, I do dominator. (Typically 7am/2pm-use cool down speed ups here/9pm)

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I have one lvl 13 stegaseratops. I am trying hard this week to get some more hybrids. Have one lvl 21 nundagosaurus and a lvl 21 tropeogopterus. Already hatching another stegaseratops to try to make another lvl 13 in time for the tournament. These are my new comers for this week tournament. Lets see. Really took a hit on my lvl 40 super rare and rares and DNA but its for a good cause. Also trying to lvl up my legendaries. I think im wasting time on my tournament creatures. I had 3 hatching at the same time last week and it was a stupid move. My progress froze completly. I have two more cenozoic tournament creatures to hatch but I am going to keep them for a litle while. I have like 30 legendaries to hatch. Some of them important

I actually use tons of my legendaries in tournaments. Usually 2 of them paired with something stronger just to make my battles easy in dominator. But as I progressed, I definitely focused more energy on hatching the regular legendaries than tournament dino’s. Just because of their long hatch time. They do gunk up your hatchery for an extended period of time. Or sometimes I would put just 1 in and keep the other 2 pods open for regular legendaries, s-hybrids, etc

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Yeah, that was my mistake. Well, not really a mistake, more of a learning situation :joy: in the end only got a better badge, nothing else.

How many lev40 legendaries do you have?

I’m stuck on this for ages as well. Off course I fused, and I don’t want to pay DNA for new ones, so Have to wait for a good outcome on events etc… Right now I need 2 more for another lvl 40.
My mission is called: Taking the bateson.

Yep, that is the mission I’m on. I took screen shots for the whole episode so far. When I complete it, I’ll post them. Possibly in this thread. (It was Episode 32, I’m now on 33 with an expand the park task. I’ll upload 32 later.)

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