Episode lV A New Hope!

Hope ya like the Star Wars reference!

I am actually feeling pretty good today thanx to the Epic strike zone! It actually gave me a ton of DNA to level up my prime team! Right now I Am at 4179 and after Saturday’s Monoplasaurus event I may even level up my Monomimus!

On top of that I just got a 24 hour incubator to go with my 12 and 2 8’s so I am set on the last 2 days of no battles!

I can get the daily one and hopefully at least one more epic strike this week!

Feeling hopeful :wink::sunglasses::ok_hand:


I heard there is one more Epic Strike Event: Lvl 30 Kaprosuchus + Lvl30 Irritator duo for this weekend, if that cheers you up :slight_smile:

I always like the epic strike events because of the coins I get from them. I was excited for this week’s dinos because I just started using Monomimus recently and can level it again this Saturday, but I just booted it off of my team last night for Utarinex because Mono’s been slacking lately and is pretty weak at the level I have it at. One more level isn’t gonna make much of a difference for me but I’ll still get the DNA this week.

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Yess!! I actuslly love the level 30 events :grin:

@Hersh: Not sure if you are being sarcastic (I personally don’t think so since I had seen your dino levels)… but I do love the Lvl 30 Strike events!!

Just one battle and you are done with it!! Also, the matches pose some challenge compared to the other multi-match ones where I don’t feel the need to use any strategy and just pick up fastest dinos like Indoraptor, monomimus and keeping pushing buttons blindly trying to complete the battles as fast as possible.

I feel bad for the people with lower level dinos and think the challenge level should be scaled to players Dino Levels!

Ohh no, I was completely serious. They’re actually a lot of fun.

They make you plan out your squad and your strategy. It’s a nice challenge.

Haha, I say this even after losing the very first indoraptor one. Don’t care if I lose, just that it’s fun :man_shrugging:t4:


I appreciate the epic strike events, great opportunity for DNA and coins. But I would MUCH rather play one battle of lvl 30 than play a tedious 10 battles, just so time consuming and repetitive.

Episode V The Rolybert Strikes Back!



They are tedious but also give people with lower dino levels a chance to complete them. My kids can sometimes complete the 10 win strikes if there counters are decently leveled where the level 30 strikes pretty much one shot each of their dinos.

@Rolybert, dont stop battling! Just get to 4250 first and you get a “prize” for the tournament!

I’m at 4265! I think I got the prize!

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Congrats! I’m staying put myself for the rest of the tournament because I just can’t make it to the next level level of rewards. I cant wait until it’s over.

This is really bad when players have to feel this way at any point in a game they play! I was miserable for the last two weeks and only felt joy now and relieved!

But it could have gone the other way and I would have been angry instead of relieved!

At least my last three battles that put me over the top we’re decided by my skill and my team and not RNG!

I truly hope the next tournament is voluntary like people have been asking for!

I can’t go through this every month

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I saw from the other thread that you only needed to beat one more dino to get the “10 win” incubator! Do it!

Just kidding @Rolybert! Dont do it!

To be honest…I haven’t battled for the last 5 days, and I dont even care that I’m missing out on incubators. I just couldn’t stand the stress of it.

No problems they will carry over till Monday! No way in hell im fighting again!!

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I did a 5 day stop on tournament 1! This one is only 3 days! People ragged on me in the last one but the freedom you feel from not battling for a few days is great!

Amen to that.