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Equal matchup speed



Just wonder why i always have speed disadvantage against same dinos with same level.
100% of the time, opponents have the speed advantage for the whole encounter.
Why ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Maybe they respond faster than you.


It could be question of input lag, where our servers get a reponse from your opponent first, but it could also be a case where the dinosaur’s rarity is what gives it the speed advantage. In these cases, an Epic dinosaur will go before a Rare dinosaur with the same speed stat and level.


The community has been asking to get rid of input speed as a factor for quite some time now. Even randomizing it was explained to be (not ideal, but still) much much better than it is currently, since the advantage would be random every time instead of player1 always beating player2. There are multiple threads devoted to this issue alone.

Are there any plans to make a change of this sort or some kind of response from the devs as to why not? Making it random would be an extremely simple thing coding-wise.


Of course, whoever lives closest to Ludia always wins. Just another geographical bonus this game takes advantage of. Crapoy spawns if you live in a rural setting is another.


Thanks for the answer.

My question concerns same dinos with same level.
For example: Einasuchus level 16 vs. Einasuchus level 16.

I wondered if it was just such bad luck from my side or if there was something behind it.
That’s interesting to know that rarity gives an advantage of speed against same speed level dinos of same level.

But this could be an improvement to not consider severs of clients response anymore anf find something else.


Yeah it comes down to who has a faster phone or who taps a move first