Equally boosted teams

if your team is equally boosted accross all dinos please tell me what your team average is and your trophies. also how you are doing in the arenas usually. just trying to guage how i should proceed with my future boosts. if its an advantage to stay equal or not.

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Most of my creatures are tier around tier 4 and I’m kind of in high ruins to low Lockwood estate

and what is your team level average?

The exact average is 21.625, so 22 I guess not to high

Mine are evenly boosted and team average is about 23 and I’m currently at 4900 trophies. Was 5100 but it’s been a rough day. :man_shrugging:t2:


The creatures I use are level 20 purutaurus, level 21 Kooab, level 21 Spinotahsuchus, level 21 Tryko, Level 22 Erlidom, level 22 Thor, level 23 Indo and level 23 Stgydaryx

at what tier?

Currently I’m around 5200-5300 trophies with
lvl 25 Erli, Monostego, Thor;
lvl 23 Dio, Tryko, Utarinex, Magna;
lvl 21 Purutaurus.

All are boosted.
Health: Thor, Monostego tier 4, others tier 5;
Attack: Monostego, Purutaurus tier 4, Magna tier 6, others tier 5;
Speed Dio and Tryko tier 3, Utarinex & Magna tier 5, others tier 4.

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Any dinos you boost with distracting moves need to be above 135 speed to beat Thor! Think my average tem level is 26 with most tier 4s, 5s


and your trophies?

5200ish :slight_smile:

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That is my Arena Team. Holding around 5k. Down from 5.3k before boosts but up from 3.9k the week after boosts went live.

Tier list from top left to bottom right =
4/3/4, 4/5/5, 4/5/4, 4/4/0, 4/4/4, 6/6/6, 4/4/4, 4/4/0.

Boosted dinos removed from team and wasted =
Dracorat - 2/3/0
Monomimus - 3/3/3

Edit - forgor to mention that I only do arena for the DBI then im out and wont return till the timer resets.


Give me a break, auto forum filter. There wasnt a damn thing wrong with that last post. :stuck_out_tongue:

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so did you noticed your gains after you took out those two other boosted dinos or after you boosted certain ones?

Magna has made all the difference for my trophy levels, not gonna lie. Since I did not boost Thor, and stopped using rat, it was a necessary evil, so to speak.

I have enough resources to get the first two dinos to level 30 right now, (and would be my first level 30) but doing so would seriously punish me in the arena, as dumb as that sounds.

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My average is 24 but my team is boosted very equally, everything will be their 5 in another 4 days, the exception of tier 6 speed Thor, idk why my trophies are so high… I’ve stayed in top 250 all week

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what do you get matched up against usually?

yeah i have 3 coming up on birthdays

I tend to see tier 4 to five boosted teams maybe 2-3 levels ahead of me, I don’t often see a lvl 30

so basically i can get everything to tier 6 average or leave two at tier 5(tryko and monostego) and boost one of my fast ones to tier 7.