Equally boosted teams

I’m usually matched with high levels, prolly because of the two 28’s on my team. Sometimes I get all level 30 dinos and thats a real bummer.

my team is average 27 but dilora is 29. i get lvl 30s but they are usually decent matches where my boosts are better

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Aye, im ussually the one behind on the boosts unless I get magna.

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a 777 magna would be awesome but might wreck matchmaking. its only level 26 thats why im considering it.

That all seems to say the more even your team is in levels and boosts the better the matchmaking, anything too high above the rest skews it

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I wish we could see a chart or something to break down the actual percentages of what effects what.

Like boosts and levels etc.


yes. like if i have 3 dinos that are tier 7 on only one stat or one dino with 777.

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this, if selected same turn as thor?
what if thor comes later, or earlier than its counter?

also. i havent boosted trykos or monos speed yet and dont think i will.

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You are real lucky then. And seems like your matches are good. I was (and even now) struggling with evenly boosted team of 2x 27 level Dino and 1x level 29 and 5x level 30 dinos to stay in 5100 to 5200 range …

Since last night and this morning I managed to climb into top 420 rank

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trophies now:





tiers in same order than dinos above:
health tiers:
5 - 5 - 5 - 5
5 - 5 - 5 - 4

attack tiers:
5 - 5 - 5 - 4
5 - 5 - 5 - 0

speed tiers:
5 - 5 - 4 - 3
3 - 4 - 4 - 3

youll see many dinos screaming for level up / fuse. youll also see much boost resources above not applied.

last time i upgraded my team was traumatic. i was about 4800 triphies, then i applied last attack boost to thor, leveled up indoraptor and dont remember another change. then matchmaker started to ruin me: i was facing monsters like level 29 boosted thor or 140+ speed high level magna, and so on. i dropped to 4200 trophies. did about 50 battles and ended with 4400 trophies.

then i stopped level or boost anything and slowly started to climb again. now im about 4600 at the end of a day.

current matchmaker doesnt encourage me to level, boost anything. and my vip got useless and i dropped it too.


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My team is virtually completely evenly boosted across (except for speed boosts on Tryko, Monostego and DC - since these are either not necessary or can lead to a disadvantage (in Tryko’s case).
Levels: 5 level 26, 2 level 27, 1 level 28.

I have been leveling creatures up over the past couple of weeks and it doesn’t seem to have affected matchmaking significantly… half the time, I still face boosted teams full of level 29-30 dinos (but, honestly, have stopped looking at levels any more) and half the time - teams about my level.

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i didnt speed up indoraptor much, because i use lower speed as advantage against distracters and bleeders (it gets affected then cleanse).

i feel like if i am going to make any changes, i should just go ahead and do them all at once and then settle in.

i have 3 coming up on leveling.

29 going to 30😅, 28 going to 29, 28, 28, 27 going to 28, 27, 27, 26

That’s exactly what I did. I think the current matchmaking actually favors equally-leveled and equally-boosted teams.

I edited my post and it got flagged. i added my dino levels. but yeah… and Ludia does say to keep your team evenly boosted.

I guess that’s part of their algorithm. After I’ve leveled several dinos up, I started running into different opponents, but the trophy count stayed relatively the same…

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My team is a bit lower than most mentioned in here, but I have boosted them pretty evenly and am currently hovering around 4,600 trophies. Typically get matched up against opposition with L24-25 Dinos that I notice, but I don’t look closely enough to try & figure out what level boost they got. Win or lose it’s only about 3 minutes of my life gone :).

L23 Dracoceratops @ 4-4-2
L22 Erlidominus @ 5-5-5
L22 Thoradolosaur @ 5-5-5
L22 Diloracheirus @ 5-5-4
L22 Indoraptor @ 4-5-4
L22 Utasinoraptor @ 4-5-4
L21 Diorajasaur @ 5-5-3
L21 Tryostronix @ 4-4-4

I typically boost the Uniques to the next level before the Legendaries, but the Legs are keeping up since worthwhile replacements are many fuses away :).

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interesting. i did make sure to include atleast 2 legendaries for matchmaking purposes. maybe when im dioraj is a few levels higher ill reconsider bring her back in.

My dinos are as follows:
Thor L27 : 4-5-5
Indor L26 : 4-4-4
Monostego L24 : 4-5-4
Utasino L24 : 5-5-5
Erlidom L24 : 5-5-5
Tuora L23 : 4-4-3
Dioraja L23 : 4-4-2
Magna L23 : 5-5-5
Some boosts were spent on benched dinos like Tyrannolo and Dilorach.
My trophy range is 4700-4900. I face many Thors which are at lower levels than mine but boosted more than mine. I don’t pay real money to buy boosts so I think it takes very long time to have the first dino boosted to Tier 6. This may make me drop some trophies.

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