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Equipment screen enhancement

Would it be possible to include the class that the equipment belongs to on its card?

Yes I know most of the equipment it isn’t too hard to discern whom it’s for, however some of the items are pretty unremarkable in nature.

That way when you roll the dice after finishing a dungeon/challenge you know for sure where that armor piece is going.

Maybe I just need to wise up and learn my equipment better

Just a thought!

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When you get the initial roll, the character is displayed in the lower right. At least on iOS.

Oh… but not in challenge mode. :frowning:

On Android theres no way to tell from just the equipment card who it’s for.

Actually let me rephrase that; if there’s a way to identify the class from the equipment card on Android then I do not know how to do it.

You can click on each of the cards shown in rolls but that still doesn’t show who it goes to. A name would be nice.

It does for me.

Also, if you click the info icon, it also shows the character. And the red X let’s you change your mind.

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Yep I hate taking an item over gold only to find out it is an item for a character I hate instead of one I like.