Eremoceros a Decent Team Creature

Having gotten this guy to team level 20, I’ve used it several times on strike towers and now in PvP, I find it a fun creature to use. Of other creatures, it survives with less damage done than other favorites on strike towers.

With the 2 turn distracting camouflage and distraction on cunning rampage, 126 speed, I can take out Thors and many others that don’t have resilient moves. This is really an anti-chomper and works well. The Camo helps with creatures that you cannot distract.


does it still have it’s signature lava-bending super-fire-punch?
or did Ludia fix it?

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It throw chunks of earth at your opponents.

On a critical, I believe the earth chunks turn into the “lava-bending super-fire-punch”


Wait what? This thing can firebend?

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on a crit, yeah lol

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Immediately starts leveling sloth for raids and stuff

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I’ve never used a sloth and after reading that it can fire bend, I’m gonna have to actually use one for once