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Eremoceros & Velosrhacos Decent for Use

I just got my Eremoceros to team level 20 today after 3 strait days of 3 hour scents to get the slothy Eremotherium. I won’t see anymore of these after this week so I had to rush this one while I had the sloths in my zone.

This is Santa’s reindeer “Dancer”. I wouldn’t say it’s little camouflage jig is make him a “Prancer”.

So my team was this: I still haven’t gotten Pouki picked yet to try out on a real player. Velos is great when your up against anything that doesn’t slow ya. So I got the two terror birds and a few good tanks.
My Team 20201026

It’s fun getting the new creatures to team level and being able to play and win with them.


when u get everything to 20 in a few months, you should try to get stuff to like 25, imagine having a full dinodex of 30’s in a few years if u play that long or if this game survives that long.

I have considered moving all my good level 20 creatures to 21. I have enough coins to do that and have an all level 21 team. It gets exponentially longer every level so I tend to just want to stay where I’m at. Getting new creatures to level 20 doesn’t take too long. Sonor is next to work on and Skoona is going to take for ever unless maybe, just maybe they will make Sonor the daily creature of the month and have it as an even dino.

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