Alloraptor needs a super hybrid and eremotherium needs 1 more hybrid so why not mix the 2? You can make up the rest.

Because eremoceros has yet to have a hybrid?

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no it doesnt
id rather wait for more creatures to come for eremo’s 2nd hybrid

I do think alloraptor needs a unique hybrid, but I am just curious why the sloth needs 1 more hybrid. We still have creatures that have only 1 hybrid(I mean no offense or to be mean, just curious about why)

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what about a hybrid with pachy? it could be a wild card and have a moveset like this:
Shielding strike
Distracting impact
Rending takedown
rampage and run
or delayed rampage and run? IDK.
it would also get a swap in stun
id imagine it getting the raptor model, but id prefer the pachy model in my opinion.
color wise since both alloraptor and pachy have a close color pallet, id keep the blue but increase the hue to something close to cyan. maybe bring in some yellow from allog2?
idk, just a thought.