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Eremotherium didn’t go for priority move?

I was playing a battle in the gold type common event and I faced against a eremotheorium with my erlidom but I didn’t go for cloak and etemotherium has to go for it’s priority move but it didn’t? What’s going on and is this a bug because I think it is.

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ah yes the good old bug where dinosaurs ignore their delay restriction. Been happening for quite a while I think. For instance, as multiple accounts pointed out one time on its first turn a stigi went for instant charge, a pachy went for R&R turn one, and I think yesterday a monostegotops in a strike tower went for stunning impact turn 1. This most likely doesn’t drastically affect higher players but can be problematic for some


It’s really annoying

I’m not sure which bug you’re referring to, but I can describe two that happen quite frequently.

The first is the “Opponent doesn’t attack” bug, where the enemy is either faster than you or has a turn 1 priority move (like Eremotherium’s Camoflage), but the enemy just doesn’t attack. This has been around for quite a while and a couple bug reports have been made about it.

The second is exactly what @Snake_Dude described, the “No delay” bug, where a creature uses a move on turn 1 that’s supposed to be delayed by a turn. This one popped up more recently and is quite a pain to deal with.


only has 2 moves and one is delayed so it has to be the rampage

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With Eremotherium there is combination of both bugs. Eremotherium only has priority move turn 1.

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It’s a problem with all of the moves with a delay right now. I don’t think we’ve heard from anyone regarding them, even though it’s been going on for at least 2 weeks.

I just noticed this over the weekend.

This happened just now with Andrewsarchus, you better believe Rending Takedown becomes more than a nuisance on T1.

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Okay just realized it never went for a cunning rampage or the priority move.

Yup in the epic strike tower I had Compy Gen 2 go for impact and rfun first move and Andrewsarchus go for Rending takedown.

@Ned @E.D Can we please get some acknowledgement that you are aware of this issue of AI ignoring 1 turn delays?

looks like the dog pig is running away in fear


Hey there, GPx. The behaviour with the creatures ignoring turn delays was reported to our team, and they are currently investigating this issue. :mag:


Makes sense.

It did not survive the encounter. :grin:


The eremotherium didn’t go for anything just the counter. So the first one is correct. You can see I wrote it down somewhere in the thread.

no in the strike tower the eromotherium missed it’s turn


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you know how sometimes a creature gets it’s move that was meant to be on delay, yes this time the creature just skipped it’s animation and di not get it’s turn. I got two turns in a row without using a stunning move

The AI ignoring Delay thing happened with me earlier today with the Compy Gen 2 going with Impact and Run on the first turn after I beat the other creatures in the tower!

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