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Erikosaurus, spino g2, baryonyx, brachio, conca flooding, while sino, mono draught


can ludia make a balance?

i can’t find sino for a whole week!!! instead…i hunted dozens of the rest listed, also too much spino g2, no mono…pls more sino and mono…less others


Lucky… I never find erlikosaurus :angry::angry::angry:


i got 12 this week…


Why are you COMPLAINING about finding Erliko when it makes an amazing unique?


same with me


12 erliko vs ZERO sino…the ratio is just not right!


I wouldn’t be complaining ahahaha


3 Koolas, 1 Brachie. 278 miles traveled this week.
Seems fair how this whole epic distribution is happening.


I agree. I’ve never even seen eliko in the wild.


After this complaint, still no Mono and Sino. Besides, Erliko will also go missing. That’s how this Dev fix things…


Epic spawns are horrible now. I agree there needs to be more balance in all zones, you’re lucky you find so many erlikosaurus though.


I live and work in L3 and I have not seen 11 erliks since June. You are definitely having fantastic luck finding that many in one week.

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Same for me, I seem to bask in Area 3 and even now when I am visiting the UK, most of my places of stay are also Area 3!!! (Has this got to do with the telco Three?) :sweat_smile:

But I don’t get that many golden nuggets!


All of us have been completly deprived of erlikosaurus. Cmon man don’t complain when u getting 12 in a day

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I am seeing Mono and Sino in their respective locals more than any of the others listed. It’s just luck


We have one dude who sees too many erliks (and doesn’t like that for some reason)

And we have a bunch of people who never see any:
Seems pretty clear that “nerfing” Erlik spawns is definitely not the solution.

The logical solution for people complaining of seeing too much of one Dino:

maybe try not hunting in the same spots every single time … go get some strange


And I call myself lucky when I find one epic after three days…


Ironically, after reading this I switched to the game and saw an erlik spawn.


Please give me your address so I can come over and catch erliko. :crossed_fingers:hope you aren’t too far lol


Somethings in the air