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Erikosaurus, spino g2, baryonyx, brachio, conca flooding, while sino, mono draught

i think thats just coincidental.

now, if erlik opens the app and sees you, we can talk.


/mind blown… How is everyone finding so much Erliki?

Been playing since launch, SUPER active, I have a motorcycle and can get around to any zone to catch any dino…and I still have yet to even unlock Erlidom.

Ignore the two Stigi hybrids, I can unlock them whenever I choose to… So yeah, people with really high level Erlidoms must have the luck of the gods on their side or something… I dont get it.

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see, ludia is wide spreading this golden bird…while shrinking sino and mono sprawn

I don’t get why people think that Ludia changes spawns like this because if it really was like this it would be the same for everyone, not just one person who gets super lucky and finds 12

i believe spawn in different cities are NOT the SAME…

some guys made thor from 23 to 30 in a week (i hate that)…some guys made dioraja from zero to 30 in 1 month (i hate that)

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What the heck? Several Erliko in a day? I’ve played since the beginning, never passed one up, and haven’t even made it past level 17. I go weeks without a single one.

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I definitely don’t see a lot of them…only like one per month. Today was just my day. My next one should be coming in mid January.

I played from 3:30ish to 7 the other day and found nine Epics, one of which was erlik, however that is not common. I drove in a few completely different areas that day, but also found a few in my normal route. It’s so a game of right place, right time.

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I doubt it. If it existed Metahub would have found such code in their several datamines.

I started in July, hunt VERY casually and use to see 2 a day. These days the earl is hard to come by, that was the 1st 1 I’ve seen in over a month. I need 1 more to get mine to 20 and start fusing Edom

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I’d happily switch places with you @Cl_L. I agree with the dino epic flood addressed above, except I’ve only been able to see two wild erlikos since the update. Erliko for sinos? Been seeing sinos every time i’m out hunting. At this point, sinos are just stacking until I can get my hands on some more utahs/ tarbos lol. Encountered at least 14 wild sino since update :smile: Managed to rack up a sino, trex, barry, pyro, and a brach on a quick trip to costco today.

Ouch that hurts. Two unicorns.

today i found 4 erlikos again

I disagree. I am in L3 ALL of the time and on average I only see one erlik per month. Unless your erlidom is lvl 30, you can never have too much. Like I said in another thread, don’t complain about seeing good spawns for highly valued epics. Complain about all other epics that don’t spawn as much. Backhanded calls for nerfing these spawns hurt the rest of us that need them.

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Congrats on seeing four! That’s about as much as I’ve seen since summer.

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i was about to find mono…but they gave me 4 erlikos instead

I actually agree with this. Let’s say L3 in Washington DC, won’t be the same as L3 in LA…or even an L3 on the other side of town. I have no data, but it’s just my suspicion that even some areas of the same local have different spawn patterns. For example, I live in the heart of L3 in my city…yet at the same corner in a residential area, at least once a day a meglo spawns. That’s enough right there to tell me that ludia has its hands in what spawns where and how much. Maybe I’m paranoid. Who knows.

I also believe that you are trolling us @Cl_L …but I digress, I’m paranoid.

@MagicFingers hit a very important point …

Unless if it says “Max” next to your level 30 Dino,
You still need that Epic …

People need to quit whining, I don’t care if someone sees 4 Erliks in a day, or 40… when you have a Level 30 Dino, I’ll listen

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i will stop this topic if making others unhappy…

sorry about your feeling, but this is true